A New Item – Braided Hand Dyed Memory Wire Bracelets

Braided Hand-Dyed Fabric Memory Wire Bracelets

I’ve been working on a new item and I’m really in love with these.  As you all know I enjoy quilting AND making jewelry, so when I can combine my love of fabric with my love for accessorizing it’s the perfect combination! Braided Hand Dyed Bracelets - My Newest Creation

I first debut these bracelets at the Valentine Craftacular.  I started the day with only 6 but left with 3 – I figured that was probably a good sign so I continued to make them.  These bracelets are made from strips of hand-dyed fabric that have either been dyed by myself or my mother-in-law, Diane.    Some of the bracelets, like the one shown in the very top picture are made from strips of the same fabric.  Others, I use a combination of different print.  Braided Hand-Dyed Fabric Memory Wire Bracelets I do a four strand braid around memory wire and knot the ends off.  I wasn’t sure what I thought of the knotted ends at first but after contemplating (and wearing them) for awhile I realized it’s actually quite fitting for the style of bracelet. 

Braided Hand-Dyed Fabric Memory Wire Bracelets

I really like how these bracelets look when you layer two or three of them on your wrist.  Creates a fabulous cuff look.

I would love to hear what you think of my newest design in fabric bracelets.


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