Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Some of my favorite books that I read my girls are books by Dr. Seuss.  I love their craziness, the whimsy, the fun, and the challenge of reading them as fast I can!

So, last week when I got a note home from Cedi’s teacher about some fun days they’d be having in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday I thought I’d have just a little fun with it.

Monday was crazy hat day and Cedi wore a pink sequin covered hat.  Tuesday was tougher – crazy sock day – my girls already wear crazy socks all the time so we just miss matched them and sent her off. 

Wednesday was crazy hair day – now this day I can have some real fun with. 

green eggs and ham

I started by making some super fun felt ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ hair clips for Cedi. 

2012-02-29 015

Since Cedi has short hair our options were a bit more limited – but I made it work!  I pulled it up into three pony tails that created a Mohawk effect.  Then I twisted the sides back with the green eggs, ham and bacon clips to finish off the Mohawk.  Cedi was SUPER happy with it and boy – she sure looked cute!


Thursday was pajama day so I sent Cedi in her ‘Glow n the Dark Skeleton’ PJs!  She’s got such a tiny body she just looked so cute in them! 

005 (6)In honor of Dr. Seuss I also created a board on Pinterest and found some great things…here are just a few:

Source: google.com via Kim on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Kim on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Kim on Pinterest

Source: thechive.com via Kim on Pinterest


What’s YOUR Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

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  1. I like green eggs and ham best because I can identify with the annoying person who persists asking, "but do you like them with a book, by a nook," and the annoyed answer, "I do NOT like them, Sam I am."


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