Fat Quarterly Modern Madness 2012 - SOUTH

I am not a basketball fan but I do love March Madness.  I think if I let myself, I could have a gambling problem.  I love filling out the bracket even though I know nothing about any of the teams (except that the Badger’s Rock!).  I love it even more when I win! 
When I saw that there was a fabric ‘March Madness’ bracket on the Fat Quarterly I knew I’d have to participate!  Instead of just going with the name I liked the best I thought I’d do a little research on the fabrics.  This could prove to be very bad on my paypal account…
I’m going to start with the South – I did my best to find the fabrics but if you know I’ve got the wrong line please let me know! 

The 1st Round


 julia_rothman_miscellany_stacked_in_black Miscellany vs. FlyAKite-C2780-PINK-450 Fly A Kite
Tilly-bundle-200 Tily Vs GrandBazaar-SpiceMarket-200 Grand Bazaar
loulouthi Loulouthi vs marin Marin
AWalkintheWoods-bundle-200 Walk In the Woods vs. JAdoreStella-bundle-200 J’Adore Stella

whitewash Whitewash vs. Reunion-bundle-200 Reunion
violet_craft_peacock_lane_menagerie_in_brown Peacock Lane vs. 500_heirloom_fat_quarter_bundle_in_sapphire Heirloom
645_lark_fat_quarter_bundle_sampler Lark vs. a stitch in color 1 A Stitch in Color
Outfoxed-Cleverly-bundle-200 Outfoxed vs. wrenly Wrenly

Time to make some tough choices!!!

You can place your Vote by clicking HERE!

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