Home Sweet Home Quilt Along – Sashing Bonus – Let’s Strip

That’s right!  It’s time for another BONUS pieced sashing tutorial. I realized I really have to get moving on these if I’m going to have a different once for each sashing section created (we may have to repeat or tri-peat a few to finish our quilt…we’ll see how it goes).  020Today’s sashing is going to be super simple!  Just some fun stripping!

021Cutting Instructions:

Dark 1:  1” x 12.5” – 1 strip

Medium: 1.25” x 12.5” – 2 strips

Dark 2: 1” x 12.5” – 2 strips

When I pieced these strips I started from the middle and worked outwards.  Just be sure to check your seams and make sure they’re set to 1/4-inch and you’ll have another fun sashing strip.


To the left, you can see the ‘Let’s Strip’ sashing between Block 1 – My Home and Block 4 – My Tilted House.  A Drunken Geese Sashing is also shown.


If anyone has a fun 3.5” sashing they like to use in a quilt that you’d like to share with the rest of us that would be great!  I’m also looking for 3.5” corner stone designs and/or fun tree/house fabric that could be fussy cut to add whimsy to our quilts.

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