The Cupcake Song – my beautiful ballerina’s

The ‘sweet’ part of my weekend was my girls in their ballet recital.  They were so cute and adorable and did such a good job.  AND they were very well behaved considering how long of a day Saturday was.  I have a bunch of pictures to show you so I’ll get right to it!ballet cupcakesA friend of mine from my mom’s group made up these adorable cupcakes that we handed out to all the little ballerina’s in honor of their ‘Cupcake Dance’.  ballet - preI curled the girls hair in the morning.  They were just so cute!    003Snapped a picture of the girls while we waited in line before the first recital002We had to get a picture with their friend Savannah who actually was in two dances in the recital. Savannah has inspired Capri to want to be tap dancer…we’ll have to see…ballet3 Melanie, the girl on the left was Capri’s partner for this ballet and here are some pictures her mom snapped of the girls. ballet4Here they are in one of their moves – usually Capir is all in Melanie’s face and she keeps her distance – Wednesday nights have been hilarious.    

zach and cedi And here’s Cedi with Zach – I don’t think she know what to do when getting a picture with a ‘boy’ – so cute!ballet - post

And after being gone for 10 hours, two recitals in, 6 minutes of dancing done, we got home and Cedi did some snuggling with her baby sister.  It was such a sweet moment. 

All in all – Saturday was a good day.

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