Patriotic FUN!

If anyone reads this that is from Wisconsin I am sure you are well aware that you need to get out and Vote in today’s recall election.  I’m not going to write about my political views on here but I am going to say this – if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about what’s going on.
To start our morning off we’re heading to Cedi’s 4K picnic.  I had to sign up for a dish to pass a few weeks ago.  I always have a difficult time deciding what to make because I never know what I’m going to feel like making until I’m actually making it.  (sort of like my art projects).   I finally wrote down Patriotic Strawberries (worked out well that the recall election was on the same day as the picnic) and was going to make these: 

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Strawberries were ready early in Wisconsin so this plan ended up working really well. 
berry pickingOn Sunday morning, my mother-in-law and I packed up the three girls and we went and picked strawberries at Burr Oak Gardens.  The two older girls did fantastic and Pip was a great cheerleader that had more fun feeding the dog her treats than eating them herself.
So, this morning I melted my white chocolate, put my blue sprinkles in a bowl and made up some Patriotic Strawberries!
I also couldn’t resist and made a Patriotic Jello Dish to go with it… (Blue Jellow, whipped cream, and yes, Strawberries). 028
I’ll be working at my poll location this afternoon so I’ll see you all when the polls are closed!

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