Fabric Dyeing With Quilts by Barb - RESULTS

004 Last week Diane brought over the stack of fabric that I dyed at the Quilts by Barb Dying workshop in June at my orchard.  She does the ‘wash out’ for them because the stray threads tend to jam up my front loader and cause me to have to have the service man come – not good.  It looks like we got about 30 to 40 yards of fabric dyeing throughout the day.  013 Here’s one of my favorite pieces!  I only snagged about 6 yards to add to my stash.  It’s much nicer to keep them mostly at Diane’s and then I’m lucky enough to be able to ‘shop’ for what I need – as long as I dye some to replenish every once in awhile (thank you Diane!).  015Here are some of the fabrics I dyed in an attempt to go with my Typewriter Squarey Quilt project.  I still haven’t decided if they’re bright enough to fit but I think a few of them may work.   016I also did a few bucket hats.  I had a custom request for a toddler size.  I’ve had quite a few requests for adult hats but unfortunately my supplier has been out of stock for quite awhile – I’ll be sure to keep an eye on them though… 025 I wanted to show you the shirt above and the dress below.  These are two clothing items I dyed.  These are great examples on how only cellulose fibers will dye.  Even if the non-cellulose looks like they’re changing color once you do the wash out the non-cellulose fibers will still be white.  I actually like this effect with the clothing items and fibers we dye – adds even more texture, fun, and whimsy to the piece.  026 029 This is one of my hot dog bodysuits that I decided to dye.  It has a stain on the white so I figured I’d just cover it up.  I went for a ketchup/mustard look when I dyed and I think it turned out pretty good.


So – that’s a quick summary of what we accomplished during the day at the dyeing workshop.  It’s pretty amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time.  I dyed with Diane and my girls this past weekend – stay tuned for some pictures – we did A LOT!  And can you guess who dyed the coolest piece of fabric of the day – yup, Cedi!  (Capri gets best dress…)

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