Week in Review

Happy Monday everyone!  Does anyone have plans for the 4th of July?  We’re going to be laying low with the heat and dry weather – most of our local fireworks have been cancelled.  Who knows – we may   figure out something fun yet :)

I’ll just give you a quick review of the highlights of last week.  008 Last Monday morning Cedi got her cast off!  I was so proud of her.  She wasn’t freaked out or scared or anything.  The doctor kept saying, “Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt…it sounds scarier than it is…it won’t cut you skin…” over and over and over and I just wanted him to be quite because she wasn’t scared!  Sometimes it’s best to not even put things in their mind to be worried about.   I’ll admit – i was a bit nervous about the whole thing but since Cedi wasn’t there was no way I was going to show my nerves.  It’s a lot like the kids that get stung by bees at the orchard.  When the parents don’t freak out the kids don’t – if the parents do, the kids to.  Anyway – I was very impressed by her that morning.  She was ecstatic to be able to swim and get wet again.  She’s not supposed to bike, roller skate, or pogo stick (yes, only my kids would be worried about that) until the middle of July but I think as long as she can swim she’ll be fine with all that.

On Wednesday we met a friend at the local splash pad and everyone had fun – except Pip. She’s just not a fan of water or being in water.  I’m definitely going to have to work on that this summer – hopefully fun in the zero depth pool will help.

065Thursday we had our third week of ‘Kids in the Garden’ at our orchard.  We had sprinkler’s going and lots of water breaks with the almost 100-degree, humid weather we were having. 096Our main goal with the day was to keep the kids cool.  They all had fun visiting the gardens, mulching, snacking on some berries and finding worms between sessions of running through the sprinkler.  109Luckily – Pip took a nap during the program this week which was nice since she’d had a fever since the night before.   She ended up having a fever for about 3 days right around the 100/101 level.  But on Saturday – she was back to normal temperature.  She’s been a bit fussy with some very interesting diapers – I’m guessing a new tooth or two is coming in.

IMG_0012On Saturday night, Uncle Brian came down and he, Jared and the two older girls went to a Brewer’s game.  It was the girls first time seeing the Brewer’s (we took them to a Mallard’s game a few weeks ago) and I guess they did fabulous.  It also helped that it was a fun game – the Brewer’s kicked butt – lots of home runs, lots of excitement.
I stayed home with Pip and we had a fun, relaxing night.  At bedtime I said, ‘Love you’ to Pip and to my surprise and delight she said it back ‘ove ou’!  YEAH!

We had a fun day dying fabric yesterday but I’m saving more info on that for a later post.  Hope everyone enjoys their holiday week!

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