Strips and Mosaic Sashing Tutorial – Home Sweet Home Quilt Along

This sashing tutorial for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along Quilt  is very similar to one I showed previously – Mosaic Tree Sashing.  I switched things up just a bit and lessoned the numbers of teeny tiny pieces you have to sew together.  A bit less complicated with still a great effect.  032


Cutting Instructions:

6– 1.5” x 3.5” different green rectangles

6 – 1.5-inch different brown squares

12 – 1.5-inch background squares

Piecing Instructions

Layout five of your green rectangles in the upper portion of the sashing.  Sew these five strips together.

Lay out your six brown squares between two background squares and patch this together.

Put your last green rectangle strip to the bottom of this mosaic and the five strips you sewed together earlier to the top.  You will create a strippy-mosaiced tree effect on this sashing!033 When you’re done you should have a sashing that looks like the one above – a scrappy fun tree!  This is a really fun look that goes together a bit faster than mosaicing the entire sashing.


Shown between block ‘My Home’ and block ‘Under the Moreton Bay Fig’.

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