Happy Halloween with Trick or Treating and Pumpkins

Truth be told – I LOVE Halloween!  I love thinking of the perfect costume and then figuring out how to make it!  I love decorations and I love candy!  I’ll admit living out in the country and typically being ridiculously busy this time of year it puts a damper on one of my favorite holidays.  Not this year though!  We weren't crazy busy so we did all that fun stuff I always love doing and I think the girls are finally getting old enough to enjoy it (well…at least 2 of the 3).

IMG_1052 IMG_0879 This year the girls decided they wanted to be butterflies.  IMG_0906 I made their butterfly masks with felt and sequins.  IMG_0907


Add some ginormous butterfly wings and the tutu’s from last year’s fairy costumes and I had some happy little butterflies!IMG_0819

We also actually carved pumpkins this year!  I promised in my pumpkin patch post that I’d show you the final results…here they are…  Cedi’s pumpkin is blowing a whistle and has the ever important ears.

102712 Capri decided her pumpkin needed four faces :)


Little Pip insisted that her Mama help her with her squatty pumpkin :)

IMG_0827  And here’s the five pumpkins in our pumpkin family!IMG_1027Tonight we headed to our friends neighborhood for some good old fashioned trick or treating!  Capri didn't want to wear her mask (fine) and I think this is the only moment Cedi’s wings actually looked decent.  (and yup – I made the girls trick or treat bags – like them?  ‘Trick Or Treat’ is FMQ on the black fabric strip!)IMG_1031  Pip was an adorable little apple that didn’t know what to think about her mama apple’s red hair.  IMG_1062

The neighborhood we borrowed was perfect!  We started trick or treating around 5:30 when it was still light.  It felt just like I was back home when I was little – a nice neighborhood, basically no traffic and little ones trick or treating at the houses with their lights on.  By the end of our little route it was dark out and the girls got to see some really amazingly decorated homes! (see above)

IMG_1061   And this guy was just creepy…no one knew what to think…IMG_1066 When we got home we split the candy in half (after mama check it all out) and then lit our jack-o-lanterns.  If you ignored the melt downs throughout the day it really was quite nice…

Happy Halloween everyone!


I know, I know – I used a lot of capital letter’s in my title – but I’m really, really excited about it!  Raw accessories

 Thanks to all of YOU, my supporters and fans, I made it into the RAW Semifinals.  It’s going to be an INCREDIBLE show!  Seriously – check out the breakdown:

raw semifinalistWhat's planned for the show?

  • FIVE MUSIC SETS, including: Color Me Once, Kaia Elizabeth, Sexy Ester, Brandon Beebe, and Livewire

  • Tricking Performance (yah, that Bruce Lee sh*t!!)
    Belly-dancing Performance

  • Hip-Hop Dance Performance

  • Chez Bouche' Performance

  • Hoops Performance

  • RUNWAY Hair Show

  • RUNWAY MakeUp Show

  • RUNWAY Fashion Show

  • THREE Film Screenings

  • Visual Arts Gallery

  • Photobooth

  • LIVE GUEST VOTING – this is where I need YOU all!  I hope you can make it for at least a portion of the night (6:30 to 11:30) on Wednesday, November 7th!  Plan your sitters now and have a fun ‘date night’ on the square!

  • Judge Panel, including Rachel Frank, DJ Nick Nice, & Brent Gurlach

We went on a walk through of the venue (the Majestics) last weekend and I saw my 3’x 3’ area that I have to set up in.  Many of you who have seen me in shows know that I have a problem bringing just a little…it’s definitely going to be a challenge for me but I already have some pretty fantastic ideas on how to make it work (at least they seem fantastic in my mind right now…we’ll see how they turn out in reality!)WHEN //November 7th, 2012 from 6:30PM to 11:30PMWHERE //Majestic - 115 King Street, MadisonDETAILS //

18+ | Cocktail attire.
Tickets are $15 via presale. $20 at the door.*

BUY your ticket NOW!  They sell out fast!
*Guests under the age of 21 pay an additional $5 cover at the door


Homemade Apple Pie

There is an Apple Pie Baking Contest (and more) happening at my orchard today.  I happen to have INCREDIBLE babysitters and yesterday morning they baked pies with my girls for the contest.  I pulled out all the possible ingredients I thought they might want to use and a bunch of different apple pie recipes.  I instructed – recipes are just suggestions.  They help you figure out ratio’s and things but they don’t have to be followed exactly.  I think the girls had fun with it!  IMG_0796Here’s the first pie they put together.  I had bought pre-made crust for them to make the whole ordeal a little less stressful.  Josie sketched the tree but Cedi did all the cutting.  I LOVE that they added the leaves to the edge!  So wonderful!


IMG_0795And here’s the group of pie bakers!



For the second pie I had come in in the midst of the first and the girls asked, “Is it okay if we make our own crust?”  “Of COURSE!”  I knew they liked to bake but I didn’t know that they knew how and liked to make crust!  Did I mention that I love my sitters?  Josie said she used her mom’s apple crisp crump topping recipe for the top of this pie – LOVE that idea!

IMG_0798And the proud baker’s around their second pie!  IMG_0831 Here are the pies post-baking.  I think they look delicious!IMG_0832 Only one tip that I did learn from Julia Child is that if you add crust to crust you need to attach it with an egg white.  About half of the leaves fell off during the baking – but I still am so so so happy and proud of the pies the four girls made!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Fall 2012 Quilt 138

It’s time once again for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, sponsored as always, by Amy from Amy’s Creative Side.  I am so so so glad I happened to see Prairie Moon Quilts Tweet about this!  I might have missed it and that would have been TERRIBLE!  I love this festival – so many great quilts to look and and such talent all over!  Please keep in my Quilt 138 when you nominate your favorites!P8140083-001

I knew right away that I wanted to show of my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’.

I made this quilt because of a scrap challenge and it’s one of those pieces that you make because of dream you have in your mind.  I have those dreams often but they don’t always turn out the way I hope they will.  This is one of those dreams that really did turn out!  It was way more work than I thought it was going to be but it was so so so worth it!Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap Quilt

Approximate Dimensions:  62" x 76"

Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt - different photo angles

I really love how that the quilt looks totally different depending on which angle you look at it.

Every piece of this quilt came from my scrap bin.  I used the ‘free form quilting method’ and it was machine quilted by Barb Raisbeck of Quilts by Barb.      You can read more about how this quilt came to be HERE

The festival starts today, and runs through November 9. It’s open to anyone who wants to enter, and there will be lots of great prizes.  Be sure to check it out NOW!  Get your post written and show off your quilt!

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap Quilt

Nominations will be made November 1st through the 4th.  My Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt (Quilt 138) would be a wonderful fit Best in the following categories:

Favorite Throw Quilt

Favorite ROYGBIV Quilt


Favorite Scrap Quilt


Thanks for all your support!  I'm so excited that in just 3 days I'll be back to the quilting and creating world!  It's bittersweet that our apple crop was terrible this year but the sweet part means I'll be at my machine a month earlier than normal!

New Camera

I’m still loving my new camera… these photo’s capture my girls perfectly right now…

IMG_0572Pip, 17.5 months, is my little stinker right now.  She’s testing all her boundaries – figuring out what she can do and seeing what we’re going to let her do.  At the same time she’s so loving – if she’s in the mood she loves to give kisses and snuggle. 

IMG_0274Capri, age 4.5, is my pouter.  She is hypersensitive to everything right now.  I would say that she’s definitely ready for apple season to be over and that even though she’s been amazing in school it’s taking it’s toll on her.  When she’s in the mood – she will create for hours on end!  From what I’ve seen her make now, at 4, I can’t wait to see how her creativity grows.


Cedi, age 5 11/12, is the leader.  She takes charge over the group she’s in (her sisters) and has a plan for everything.  She loves to go on adventures and is really enjoying pretending.  She’s loving school and her lost tooth.  Don’t get me wrong, she still gets whining and looses it, but it’s definitely in a more controlled manor with less frequency. 

I hope you enjoyed meeting my October girls :)  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing them a bit more frequently as I figure out how to use my camera (these are all taken in ‘auto’ mode still!)

6th Annual Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays 2012

Yes! We are having the Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday’s again this year at the orchard. I’m excited to be able to share with you some familiar faces and some new ones in this years collection of goods. Can you believe this is the SIXTH year for the sale! How amazing!

2011 Handcrafted Hoedown Sneak Peak


photo from the 2011 Hoedown


I’ll start out with talking the basics:



What: An opportunity to buy unique, locally hand-crafted items for friends and family while listening to holiday music!

Items from numerous artists include: Quilts, Ornaments, Baskets, Bags and Purses, Belts, Scarves, Holiday Decorations, Baby Items, Hand-dyed Clothing, Jewelry, Crocheted Hats, Winter-Wear Items, Stockings, Tree Skirts, Candles and MORE!  I’ll be doing some ‘sneak peek’ posts this year to give you an idea what you can expect!

Don’t miss the mini quilt shop!


Friday, November 16th from 9am – 6pm

Saturday, November 17th from 9am – 5pm

  • A Girl Scout Cookie Booth will be set up on November 18th from 10am to 3pm!


Lapacek’s Orchard

N1959 Kroncke Road

Poynette, WI 53955


Make and Take (or Kits) Ornaments – Start a New Holiday Tradition

IMG_0197   For the first time we’ll be holding a ‘Make and Take’ Ornament Station.  We’ll have some cute, simple drawings of either a snowman, a reindeer, an owl, or a penguin for you to choose from (Capri is holding the snowman and reindeer).  At the station the child will stamp their finger print into the main body portion of the creature.  We can add the date and any other personalization you would like to the ornament.  It will hang from a canning lid…a perfect decoration for the tree this season and a fun keepsake!  If you don’t have your child with you we will also be selling the kits and you can do it with your child/grandchild/etc at your home.  (Make N Take - $3, Kits - $2)


Each year we will plan a new Make N Take Station.  These ornaments can become a tradition for your family to hang on your tree each year.


Gift Wrapping for Children in Need

We are going to be offering gift wrapping this year. 2011 Handcrafted Hoedown Sneak PeakFor just a $1 donation we’ll put your purchase in a nice bag with tissue and tag – all ready for gifting!  100% of the proceeds from the gift wrapping will be used to buy gifts for children on the Poynette Bank Giving Tree. I'm really excited about this! Cedi, Capri, Persimoni and I will do the shopping (yes - I love to shop!)


I’m really looking forward to another fabulous holiday sale.  Although we’ll be out of apples this year for the sale we will be offering apple cider donuts and caramel apples.  If you need to stock up on either of these be sure to let me know ahead of time and we’d be happy to fill your order!


Because the apple store is closing earlier than normal you can expect to see some incredible new items from Diane and I.  We’ve been brainstorming and working together on some projects…it’s going to be incredible!


2011 Handcrafted Hoedown Sneak Peak
photo from the 2011 Hoedown

Kickstarter Campaign – Studio Cherie

duffelsA good friend of mine that I met via the etsy community, Cherie of Studio Cherie, has recently started a Kickstarter Campaign to 'Kickstart’ her latest entrepreneurial dream.

Recently another friend of mine via etsy, Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios used Kickstarter to help her publish her very first book biglittle bookThe Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Techniques’ which is now on Amazon ready for pre-order and she’ll be debuting it in Houston at Quilt Market!  it’s been so fun to watch Ebony’s adventure with Kicstarter that I wish the best for Cherie and her dreams.

I personally have purchased some of Cherie’s patterns and I really enjoyed making her project with the clear and easy instructions she puts together.  duffel studio cherie

To see more what Studio Cherie is proposing and to show your support for her newest venture check out her campaign HERE.

First Lost Tooth

IMG_0264On Tuesday, Cedi came home and her tooth was super, super loose.  I took her in the house with me because I didn’t know how she’d take loosing her first tooth.  We wiggled it some more and eventually she let me pull it out.  It was so loose that she didn’t even realize it was out until I showed it to her in the Kleenex!  I was very proud of how brave she was – just a few tears with the blood.  Mostly Cedi was just beaming with joy and pride.  She carried her tooth around with her that whole night, showed everyone and really showed off her toothless smile.  Grandpa even offered to borrow her his teeth!

Cedi put her tooth under her pillow that night and waited for the tooth fairy to come.  Much to her surprise the tooth fairy left her FOUR QUARTERS!  And she said, “You know what I’m going to do with it Mom?  I’m going to Spend it!”  IMG_0275That’s my girl…but I think she needs to have a talk with her Papa about saving…

New Camera, New Ornaments

I’ve been contemplating getting a new camera for a couple of years now.  Not just a camera – a real camera.  In High School I took a photo class and really enjoyed it. We even got to develop our own prints.  I get decent pictures of my girls with my current camera and past camera but it would be nice to have a good camera.  I actually purchased it mostly to take better pictures of my creations.  I can’t even start to tell you how much time I’ve spent editing photo’s I’ve taken so they look somewhat decent for listing.

I finally did it.  I purchased a new camera.  It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and all I’ve really done is the point and shoot feature.  I’ve played on it for maybe an hour so far.  I know there is still so, so, so, so much to learn BUT I am already in love!  My editing was drastically time has been cut into a tenth of what it was and I’m loving the shots of I get of my kiddos (coming soon).    Here are the first product images I took…these are new to my shop this year too!

mosaiccd616f3fbe0a784a3e2c57c2e2e535738c5c1d40 These are some of my latest creations – scrappy, wonky patchwork Christmas Tree Ornaments with fun rik rak, glittery trim and even sequins on them!  I have them for sale in my etsy shop of course!  What do you think?

Vintage Calender Linen Christmas Tree Ornament

Since not everyone likes bright colors and crazy holiday decorations like I do I am also working on a more classic line of ornaments.  Above is a wonky tree cut out of a vintage calendar linen – of course, I fussy cut out the month of December.  Instead of going with a crayon for the ‘trunk’ I chose to use cinnamon sticks for these more traditional ornaments.

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin - karmen 2
Lapacek's Orchard Pumpkin patch, photo by Karmen Linder Photography

It’s that time of year again!  Time for a visit to the pumpkin patch!  I have to admit – we’ve never carved pumpkins with the girls.  ever.  I feel terrible about this but in a typical October we’re are so busy that it is never even a remote possibility.  PA150187This year we made a special trip down to the pumpkin patch (in our backyard) for the girls to find their perfect pumpkin.  Next week – we’ll carve them!

101612Shots from Pips first trip to the pumpkin patch.  She had fun playing, falling, and picking out a perfect little pumpkin! 1016121Capir was able to find a BIG pumpkin – but she carried it all the way to the wagon by herself! 1016122

Cedi found a perfect pumpkin – not too big, not too small and easy for her to carry it back to the wagon.  PA150189Jared and I also found perfect pumpkins for a future carving date.  It was fun for the whole family at the patch this year!pumpkin - karmen
Lapacek's Orchard Pumpkin patch,  photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Home Sweet Home Quilt Along – Sashing Tutorial, Wild Trees (16)

109I have one more sashing for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along Quilt using the Tri Recs Ruler just as I did for the Diamonds in the Rough Sashing and the Tri Recs TreesSashing.


To see the way the tri recs ruler is used to make the four 3.5” squares out of three triangles that you need for this sashing see the Diamonds in the Rough Sashing tutorial or just follow along with your rulers’ directions.

Cutting Instructions for Wild Trees (16.)

1 strip 3.5” x at least 14” – longer if you want to do some fussy cutting as I did.

4 rectangles – 3.5” x 5” of background fabrics - (same or all different) 098

I fussy cut out three main triangles so that woodland creatures would peak out of the trees.  Using fun grey ‘house’ prints creates a great color combination with the pinks, grays and reds.  110Before this Home Sweet Home Quilt Along I rarely fussy cut everything! For this quilt I purposely did quite a bit of fussy cutting.  I love that those little details make people excited when looking at the quilt.  Every time I look at the quilt, I see something new – a detail I forgot about or missed previously.  It makes me happy.
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