First Lost Tooth

IMG_0264On Tuesday, Cedi came home and her tooth was super, super loose.  I took her in the house with me because I didn’t know how she’d take loosing her first tooth.  We wiggled it some more and eventually she let me pull it out.  It was so loose that she didn’t even realize it was out until I showed it to her in the Kleenex!  I was very proud of how brave she was – just a few tears with the blood.  Mostly Cedi was just beaming with joy and pride.  She carried her tooth around with her that whole night, showed everyone and really showed off her toothless smile.  Grandpa even offered to borrow her his teeth!

Cedi put her tooth under her pillow that night and waited for the tooth fairy to come.  Much to her surprise the tooth fairy left her FOUR QUARTERS!  And she said, “You know what I’m going to do with it Mom?  I’m going to Spend it!”  IMG_0275That’s my girl…but I think she needs to have a talk with her Papa about saving…

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