New Camera, New Ornaments

I’ve been contemplating getting a new camera for a couple of years now.  Not just a camera – a real camera.  In High School I took a photo class and really enjoyed it. We even got to develop our own prints.  I get decent pictures of my girls with my current camera and past camera but it would be nice to have a good camera.  I actually purchased it mostly to take better pictures of my creations.  I can’t even start to tell you how much time I’ve spent editing photo’s I’ve taken so they look somewhat decent for listing.

I finally did it.  I purchased a new camera.  It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and all I’ve really done is the point and shoot feature.  I’ve played on it for maybe an hour so far.  I know there is still so, so, so, so much to learn BUT I am already in love!  My editing was drastically time has been cut into a tenth of what it was and I’m loving the shots of I get of my kiddos (coming soon).    Here are the first product images I took…these are new to my shop this year too!

mosaiccd616f3fbe0a784a3e2c57c2e2e535738c5c1d40 These are some of my latest creations – scrappy, wonky patchwork Christmas Tree Ornaments with fun rik rak, glittery trim and even sequins on them!  I have them for sale in my etsy shop of course!  What do you think?

Vintage Calender Linen Christmas Tree Ornament

Since not everyone likes bright colors and crazy holiday decorations like I do I am also working on a more classic line of ornaments.  Above is a wonky tree cut out of a vintage calendar linen – of course, I fussy cut out the month of December.  Instead of going with a crayon for the ‘trunk’ I chose to use cinnamon sticks for these more traditional ornaments.


  1. Kim, I love these ornaments. You are so creative!

  2. Thanks! They are super fun - and addicting to make! I have about 10 million other things I should be working on and I can't stop making these!


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