Home Sweet Home – Tetris Sashing Tutorial (29)

I’m chipping away at the final few sashing tutorials for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along.  Here’s another for you already!

29.  Tetris Sashing

Fabric Requirements

Fabric 1:  2 – 3.5” x 2” rectangles

Fabric 2: 2 – 3.5” x 2” rectangles

Fabric 2: 2 – 3.5” x 2” rectangles

Fabric 2: 2 – 3.5” x 2” rectangles



00 027 Layout the four fabrics similar to the design above.  I named this the ‘Tetris’ Sashing because it reminds me of the ‘L’ blocks in tetris.  00 028 Sew each of the rectangular pairs together.  Iron towards the darker fabric.  00 030

Piece the squares together so they keep the ‘L’ tetris shape and pattern.

00 029 Here’s the Tetris Sashing shown between Block 10  and a Bonus Block.

Happy 6th Birthday Mercedi Rose

This week Cedi is the ‘Star of the Week’ in her class.  She got to bring in her favorite books, stuffed animals and other fun things to show off to her class.  One of the things the teacher asked us to send is a letter about why Cedi is special to us.  I feel like today, her sixth birthday, is an appropriate day to share with you my letter.


Why is Mercedi Rose special to me?

Six years ago today we joyously welcomed our very first little baby, Mercedi Rose, into this world.  She weighed in at 6lbs 13 oz and was 20-inches long – tall and skinny – just like today.  Six years ago our lives changed forever.mercedi

Cedi brings joy into my life every day.  She is such a unique, thoughtful, caring girl.  Cedi is special to me for so many reasons!

Cedi is special because she calls her knees her patella's.

Cedi is special because she listens to me when I talk to her.


Cedi is special because she adores her two younger sisters and would move the world to make them happy.

Cedi is special because I can see her so excited about the new things she is learning each and every day even when she doesn’t know it!IMG_2043

Cedi is special because she tells me I’m the best Mama ever!

Cedi is special because she truly helps us when we really needs her to – be it stickering caramel apples, quietly playing in the store while we help customers, or drawing up the hugest hopscotch ever to keep her and Capri entertained for hours.


Cedi is special because she has an incredible smile all the time.

Cedi is special because she gives me the biggest hugs.

Cedi is special because she knows just what to do when someone is sad.

Cedi is special because she taught us how to give her Great Grandma and Great Grandpa hugs and kisses in heaven.

Cedi is special because she never stops talking!

Cedi is special because she’s an amazing sleeper.

Cedi is special because she hasn’t stopped moving from day one.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.  Cedi is an amazingly special little girl that I hope you can all see the light around her as I do.

I love you Mercedi Rose Lapacek!


Home Sweet Home – Stacked Modern Pine Sashing Tutorial (27)

There’s only a few sashing tutorials for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along for me to show you.  I figured I should get a few more posted asap since it won’t be too long for my next Quilt Along to start up!

27. Modern Pine Sashing

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric 1:  1 – 3.5” x 3.5” square (Square 1), 1 – 3.5” x 2.5” strip, 1– 3.5” x 2.0” strip, 1 – 3.5” x 1” strip

Fabric 2: 2 – 3.5” x 1” strip, 2 – 3.5” x 1.25” strips, 2 – 3.5” x 1.5” strips

00 022Square 2. Sew the two 3.5” x 1” strips of Fabric 2 to either side of the 3.5” x 2.5” strip of Fabric 1. Iron toward Fabric 2.

Square 3.  Next sew the two 3.5” x 1.25” strips of Fabric 2 to either side of the 3.5” x 2.0” strip of Fabric 1.  Iron toward Fabric 2.

Square 4.  Now sew the two 3.5” x 1.5” strips of Fabric 2 to either side of the 3.5” x 1” strip of Fabric 1.  Iron toward Fabric 2.


Now sew Square 1 to Square 2, Square 3 to Square 4 and finally Square 2 to Square 3.  Iron toward the lower number square.

00 025It’s another easy sashing with a really nice effect of a modern pine tree.   00 026

Here is the Stacked Modern Pine Sashing between Block 5 and Block 10.

Scrappy BOM, QAL and other Random Block Quilt Update

I recently posted about the completion of my Craftsy BOM blocks (nope – I still haven’t decided on what to do about sashing).  Well – I’ve finally taken a few hours to complete the blocks of two other quilt alongs and a personal project of mine for my 8 inch scrappy sampler.

First I’m going to break the blocks down into quilt alongs and then I’ll end by showing you what happens when you mix all 80 blocks together into one quilt!

8 Crumb Along Blocks

Crumb Along – I only sort of followed this one and I made 8 ‘Crumb Blocks.’  I really enjoyed crumbing though and can definitely see myself doing more crumbing in future projects.  26 blocks from the Quilting Gallery's Beginner's Quilt Along The next blocks that I want to show you are from the Quilting Gallery’s Beginner’s Quilt Along. I took the 12.5” block tutorials they showed us and I made mine into 8.5” blocks – that’s why they’re a bit wonky.  Much easier to ‘wonk’ them than it is to do the math from the 12 to 8 inch block pattern.  You can also see that I may have made a few of the blocks too small so I added a ‘crumb’ border around them to get to size.

Blogger's BOM - 26 blocks!

These are the set of blocks that started this craziness – from the Blogger’s BOM Quilt Along.  13 different quilters posted a tutorial once a month.  It was a fun – no stress BOM to follow along with.    Mariner's Compass BlocksThese Mariner’s Compass Blocks were a personal challenge to myself.  Last March, I took a short 1 hour Mariner’s Compass Lecture from quilter, Chris Lynn Kirsch.  She was a great teacher and speaker.  I bought her new book, ‘Compass Capers’ and went home and made my very first Mariner’s Compass.  I wanted to do more than just one for this quilt so I also drafted a pattern for a circular compass and for the large four quarter compass with each quarter being an 8-inch finished block.  I think they’ll make perfect added interest to my scrappy BOM quilt.  New York Beauty Quilt Along BlocksWhen I saw that the New York Beautiy Quilt Along was making 8.5” blocks (just like the Blogger’s BOM) I knew that I was going to make a crazy, scrappy, sampler quilt.  These are blocks I NEVER would have tried with out the push of the Quilt Along.  I really enjoyed the paper piecing portion of these blocks.  Not the hugest fan of the curved piecing end portion, but I definitely got better at that as my blocks continued.  Plus – how cool do they look!?  I even have my mother-in-law impressed by these – quite the feat I must say!  20 blocks20 more blocks 20 blocks 20 blocks

Alright – the moment you’ve been waiting for!  Here are all 80 blocks mostly haphazardly put together.  I think when I put it together it will continue to be mostly random other than the New York Beauty Blocks and the Mariner’s Compass Quarter points.  I have some ideas – some different type sashing may be involved.  We’ll see what the quilt tells me it wants after it hangs out on my design wall for a few days.

I am hoping some people decide to limit themselves solely to scraps for ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ next year as I have in this 8 inch sampler.  I think the results are looking good.  It may be too wild for some so you may want to pick one to three yards of other fabric to use consistently with your blocks and then use your scraps for different blocks.   Just some thoughts…


Stay tuned…

Sunday Sewing Haiku

IMG_2196 Mariner’s Compass

paper pieced block fun today

blocks for my sampler


Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge, Happy Holidays

Happy Sunday everyone!  I have been itching to have some challenges to motivate me into creating something super cool again so I’ve decided to hold an ‘Off Season Project QUILTING’ Challenge.  It’ll be a great warm up for us all to get ready for the start of Season 4 of Project QUILTING in January.

You’ll have a two week deadline for this challenge since I know the Holiday season can be extra busy for some.




quilted trivets/holiday gifts

by thisisloveforever


Happy Holidays.

I am challenging you to make something quilted that has to do with the upcoming Holidays (specifically any holiday that happens in December or January).  This can be a wide range of items and I’ve included a few photo’s from flickr that I found to give you some inspiration.  I promise – if you search ‘Quilted Holiday’s’ on flicker you’ll find some amazing ideas!


You must use at least two different methods of quilting to complete your Holiday piece.  ie. piecing, English paper piecing, paper piecing, appliqué, templates, etc.  Note in your final description the methods you used.


IMG_0016 (640x640)

by Kimbuktu (aka FabricFascination)


  1. Have FUN! These off season challenges aren’t about winning a prize – they’re about being inspired to create something you may not have in the past or you may think you have time for. I can’t wait to see all the fun holiday items you come up with!

  2. Please remember that these projects need to be created during the time frame of the challenge to qualify for the challenge.

  3. If you need advice/tips/help (or you just want to give us all a sneak peak) with your project as you work on it feel free to post pictures to the flickr group: Project QUILTING WIP: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1430386@N24/

  4. POST your entries with a description of your creative process, including where you are (ie, I create in Madison, WI) and the size of your project by Sunday, December 9th, 2012, at noon, CST, to this flickr group – http://www.flickr.com/groups/1401824@N21/ OR email a picture/description of your completed project to {lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com} with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line and I’ll post your piece for you. ( 2 weeks to finish the challenge)

  5. If you do want people to truly critique (the good and the bad) your project please post it to the Flickr Group: Project QUILTING – Critiques

green tree skirt

by thundymac


Prizes?  Yup!  Well – sort of…  Whoever enters this challenge will receive a code from me to get 15% off at my etsy shop, The Apple.

Examples of my newest jewelry


I don’t just quilt – I also make jewelry!  I’ve been making some new things lately and jewelry always makes great gifts or stocking stuffers!

Let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or you need anything clarified!

With that – good luck everyone!

Project QUILTING It’s Never too Late

The other day I was starting to get things organized and ready for Season 4 of Project QUILTING to start in just over a month.  I had some housekeeping to do since I recently rebranded myself from KimsCraftyApple to Persimon Dreams.  I was fixing the Project QUILTING Flickr Group and renamed it to Project QUILTING with Persimon Dreams when I noticed a new project had been added.

barn quilt
Barn Quilt from WaggonsWest

This is the barn quilt I started eons ago in response to one of Kim's Crafty Apple (recently rebranded to Persimon Dreams) quilt challenges. Here it is finally finished.

I am so so so happy that WaggonsWest shared her project with us even though it didn’t get done during the week time frame.  Yes, there is just a week to finish the challenges in Project QUILTING – but does that mean you can only be inspired by the challenge in that week time frame – NO!  This quilt was from the Barn Quilt Challenge and I’m so happy to have my challenge continue to inspire wonderful creations!  If one of my Project QUITLING challenges has inspired you to create a project – please, don’t hesitate to share it with us all!

Because I can and because I’m in need of some inspiration – I’ll be posting an off season challenge tomorrow on my blog at noon.  Because of the holiday season, I’ll be giving everyone two weeks to complete this challenge.  More details to come tomorrow!

My Favorite Block Quilt Along - Recruiting Designers *FULL on 11/24

It is time for me to announce the next Quilt Along that I’ll be running via my blog.  This past year I once again fell in love with Quilt Alongs.  It’s been a great way for me to use up my scrap stash and I’m having lots of fun learning new techniques and honing the ones I’m not very good at yet.  I’m going to keep the theme of this years Quilt Along pretty simple.  In fact it’s simply going to be called:

“My Favorite Block Quilt Along”mfqbal

twitter hastag: #mfbqa


Which means – I’m recruiting 19 block designers to volunteer to post a tutorial on their favorite quilt block.  I can either link to your blog post from mine or you can send me the info and I can blog it for you if you don’t have a blog. Your block can be pieced, appliqued,  paper pieced or using templates. All I request is that they are not the same block as another designer picks.  Once you sign up for a date let me know the name of the quilt block you’ll be demonstrating – first come first serve.  If it’s one you came up with yourself – even better.  Just tell me ‘Original Block’ and we’ll go into more details when it’s time for your tutorial.

The other twist to this quilt along is that I want the dimensions of the blocks given in both 12.5” block sizes AND 6.5” sizes.  We’ll be doing this so participants can decide if they want to do one 12.5” blocks or 4 6.5” blocks.  Once all the tutorials are up everyone will still have 20 blocks to make a quilt top with but added ‘dimension’ if they choose to do one or ten of the blocks in the 4 6.5” options.  Throughout the quilt along I’ll also show you some options if you would rather do one 6.5” and then add around it in other ways to make your block 12.5”.

My Favorite Block Quilt Along Schedule:

I’ll be posting two block tutorials during the ‘off weeks’ of Project QUILTING.  Once Project QUILTING is done I’ll be posting two a week every week.

Block 1: Tuesday, January 15th - Diane from Lapacek's Orchard

Block 2: Thursday, January 17th - Amy from Amy's Creative Side

Block 3: Tuesday, January 29th - I'm A Ginger Monkey with the Churn Dash Block

Block 4: Thursday, January 31st - Pamela of PamelaQuilts

Block 5: Tuesday, February 12th - Bea from Bea Quilter

Block 6: Thursday, February 14th - Pam of For Quilts Sake with a Heart Block

Block 7: Tuesday, February 26th - Karen from Little Birdie Quilting with a Leaf block

Block 8: Thursday, February 28th - Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts

Block 9: Tuesday, March 12th - Kim of Persimon Dreams

Block 10: Thursday, March 14th - Shannon of Fabrics N Quilts with an original block

Block 11:  Tuesday, March 26th - Mishka of Quilting Gallery

Block 12: Thursday, March 28th - Jane of Quilt Jane with an original block

Block 13: Tuesday, April 2nd - Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts with Missouri Star Block

Block 14: Thursday, April 4th - Soma of Whims and Fancies

Block 15: Tuesday, April 9th - Kym of FabricFascination

Block 16: Thursday, April 11th - Dawn of Spring Water Designs

Block 17: Tuesday, April 16th - Laurie

Block 18: Thursday, April 18th - Sara of Army Quilting with a Yankee Puzzle Block

Block 19: Tuesday, April 23rd -  Pat Sloan, The Voice of Quilting with an original applique block

Block 20: Thursday, April 25th – Melissa of Sew Bittersweet Designs


Christmas In July Block-A-Thon

Above is a picture of the ‘Christmas in July Block-A-Thon’ that I designed a block for and participated in this year.  Each designer chose a different size block and then we were given a layout for putting them all together.  I love the piece-y crazy modern-ess of this quilt and I hope to achieve the same type of effect with this ‘Favorite Block Quilt Along’ but hopefully with less final construction directions (not that they were hard to follow).

20 Craftsy Blocks! These are the blocks from the CRAFTSY BOM I participated in earlier this year.  I intend on adding some fun pieced sashing to help bring these 20 blocks together cohesively.  Home Sweet Home Quilt - FinishedThe Home Sweet Home Quilt Along from earlier this year included 49 pieced sashings to help bring a cohesiveness to the qulit.

8 inch block a thon8" block - take 2

And finally – here is the BOM Quilt Along that I’m working on now.  Here I am creating 8.5 inch blocks from multiple quilt-alongs, using only my scrap fabric, and combining them all to create this funtastic, scrappy look.

***Thank you to all of our block design volunteers!  We are full up and now it's time to just get excited about the Quilt Along!  Grab the button at the bottom of this post and help me spread the word about the fun!

Hopefully this quilt along sounds like as much fun to you as it does to me!  If you want to be a block designer for the project please email me at:  lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com with the date you want and the name of the block you want to make a tutorial for.   It’s going to be completely on a first come first serve basis.  I’ll be editing this post as often as I can to show which dates and blocks are taken.


Share this Quilt Along by Grabbing My Button!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I want to wish you and your family a wonderful day!

I’m hosting my very first Thanksgiving this year.  The turkey and the ham (I don’t like turkey) are in the roaster ovens cooking right now.  I made the buns on Tuesday and just need to heat them up before we eat and the potatoes are ready to be put in the oven just before we eat.  My parents are relaxing on a cruise to Hawaii right now (yes – I’m super jealous!) and my in-laws are coming over.  I put my mother-in-law in charge of pie, a veggie, and the stuffing (I also don’t like stuffing).  My brother is also joining us and he stocked us up nicely on wine.  I think it’s going to be a wonderful, tummy filled afternoon.

My grandmother passed away earlier this year and it’s going to be strange not having her around at the holidays.  One of the things we all remember about my Grandma is her cooking.  No matter when you went to her house for a visit she was always trying to feed you. I’ve been collecting recipes from my cousins and aunts and uncles to put together a family cookbook for the Holiday’s.  Since I’m collecting them I am lucky enough to already have them in my possession!  I used her bun recipe and made my very first homemade buns (and I think they worked!), her sour cream potatoes, and her pistachio fluff salad (aka Green Clouds) for us to enjoy at our table.  I’m so thankful that we have these written down – every time I make them I’m going to remember my Grandma.  And I swear – she had to be helping me for me to have some edible (if not delicious) buns this year!  happy thanksgiving

There is so much for me to be thankful for this year!  I’ll just start a list for you

My incredible daughters – they are happy, healthy, and give me joy each and every day.  Even when I’m sad or cranky – they always do something that make me smile.

My amazing supportive husband – seriously, he puts up with me and loves me for all my craziness.  I couldn’t accomplish all I do without him.  We’ve been together for 10 years and married 7.  I look at him with more love each day.

As Jared says at the dinner table every night, “Good Food”.

And of course – you!  All of my readers and supporters!  You make me want to get to the computer and share things that have happened to me, what I’ve learned, or exciting news!

I would love to hear what you are thankful for this year!

snowboard cedi Uncle Brian came for Thanksgiving and won’t be here for Cedi’s birthday next week so he gave her early birthday gifts.  Not only did he give her a Hello Kitty Headband maker, a telescope but also her very first snowboard!  I just want to point out that gross stache on my brother’s face is because he’s raising money in the Movember fundraiser for Men’s Health.  You can donate to support him by going here:  http://us.movember.com/mospace/5455697/.  Thank goodness he can shave it off on December 1st once he finishes a 5K.  snowboard pip I think Pip’s going to be a snowboarder too…

With that – Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Have a wonderful day of family, friends, food and celebration!

2012 School Photos

I just had to share with you the girls school photo’s from this year.  We’ve had Cedi’s for awhile but Capri’s just came home this week.

Capri 2012 school
Capri’s 4K picture – wearing a dress from the Measure

cedi 2012 school
Cedi’s Kindergarten picture – wearing a dress from The Measure

*squeak* they’re just getting so big!

Nohr Gallery Quilt Exhibit ‘Eclectic Visions’ UW Platteville

This summer a friend of mine, Tisha Sandberg, an incredible quilter and fiber and textile artist, asked if I would be interested in having a few of my quilts in a show she was putting together.  I immiediately said ‘YES!  Of course!”  She asked if she could hang ‘Owl Be Yours’ and “Bicycle Race’.  They hung during August in the Nohr Gallery Quilt Exhibit ‘Eclectic Visions’ at UW Platteville during most of August.  Since apple season started early I didn’t get to go down and see them myself but here’s the pictures she sent me.  I was extremely honored to have pieces displayed in this show!IMG_3668Owl be Yours

IMG_3669 IMG_3678IMG_3672Bicycle Race

IMG_3671  IMG_3673

Home Sweet Home Sashing Tutorial – Tall True North Tree Sashing Tutorial (14)

Since I started these paper pieced tree sashing tutorials for the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along. we’ll be using the template in the lower right of the Compass Tree PDF Pattern for Paper Piecing pdf.

Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

Cutting Instructions:

True North Tree

For triangle (1):  Cut one ‘light’ 2” x 4”, cut one ‘dark’ 2” x 4”

For Triangle (2): Cut one ‘light’ 2” x 1.5”, cut one ‘dark’ 2” x 21.5”

For Triangle (3): Cut two blue fabrics – 3” x 2”

Two Blue Strips: 3.5” x 1”


1 – 9.5” x 1” in Brown

2 – 9.5” x 1.5” in Green


047 For the final ‘True North Tree’ you’ll be using the lower right template.


Follow the same theory making this ‘tree’ as you did in the True North Tree in a previous post.  Once you have your ‘tree’ you’ll have to add the two thin, 1” blue strips to each side of the block.

Now we have our main ‘True NorthTree’ Piece.  The rest of this sashing goes together easily.

Take your brown trunk fabric and sew one strip of green fabric to either side.  Press toward the green.  Sew this strip to the bottom of your true north tree.  Press towards the trunk strip.


Again – don’t hesitate to ask for clearer instructions!
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