Happy 6th Birthday Mercedi Rose

This week Cedi is the ‘Star of the Week’ in her class.  She got to bring in her favorite books, stuffed animals and other fun things to show off to her class.  One of the things the teacher asked us to send is a letter about why Cedi is special to us.  I feel like today, her sixth birthday, is an appropriate day to share with you my letter.


Why is Mercedi Rose special to me?

Six years ago today we joyously welcomed our very first little baby, Mercedi Rose, into this world.  She weighed in at 6lbs 13 oz and was 20-inches long – tall and skinny – just like today.  Six years ago our lives changed forever.mercedi

Cedi brings joy into my life every day.  She is such a unique, thoughtful, caring girl.  Cedi is special to me for so many reasons!

Cedi is special because she calls her knees her patella's.

Cedi is special because she listens to me when I talk to her.


Cedi is special because she adores her two younger sisters and would move the world to make them happy.

Cedi is special because I can see her so excited about the new things she is learning each and every day even when she doesn’t know it!IMG_2043

Cedi is special because she tells me I’m the best Mama ever!

Cedi is special because she truly helps us when we really needs her to – be it stickering caramel apples, quietly playing in the store while we help customers, or drawing up the hugest hopscotch ever to keep her and Capri entertained for hours.


Cedi is special because she has an incredible smile all the time.

Cedi is special because she gives me the biggest hugs.

Cedi is special because she knows just what to do when someone is sad.

Cedi is special because she taught us how to give her Great Grandma and Great Grandpa hugs and kisses in heaven.

Cedi is special because she never stops talking!

Cedi is special because she’s an amazing sleeper.

Cedi is special because she hasn’t stopped moving from day one.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.  Cedi is an amazingly special little girl that I hope you can all see the light around her as I do.

I love you Mercedi Rose Lapacek!


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  1. What a great letter Kim, you are a great mom and you have so much to be proud of!!


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