Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012

On Wednesday night I was honored to be one of the many artists featured in the Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012 Show.

Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012Here is the setup I put together for the show.  We were given just 3-feet to work with since over 40 artists were featured in the Majestic.   It was a bit of a challenge or me (and I’m sure everyone) since we’re all so used to much bigger areas.  I also tend to make a lot of things – but I think going tall worked pretty good.  Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012I didn’t have room for too many typewriter key rings but I think this worked out to be a great little display.   Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012I also put together this quilted banner for my shop using fabric that I created on spoonflower.  The fabrics I chose for this particular banner were fabrics I had printed with images of jewelry that I made.  I thought it was a fun fiber touch to my mostly jewelry display.   And considering the shows that I do – it’s about time I have a proper banner.  Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012

Here’s just a picture of some of the jewelry that I showcased at on Wednesday night.


I couldn’t put together my display without a theme.  I decided to go with ‘RAW’ so I found these letters and I did my fabric braiding technique over them like I do for some of my newer fabric bracelets.  I added some wire with beads and rubber fluorescent tubing to create an even more eclectic look.  I had many compliments throughout the night on these RAW letters.

Not only was the venue full of incredible talent – from visual arts to performing arts to musicians, photographers and more, but it was so awesome to have friends and family there to support me.  The winners were decided based on judges scores (50%) and a live vote by the public (50%).  When guests entered the venue they were given a sheet of stickers.  Each group of artists was assigned a sicker color.  Guests looked at everyone showcasing their work and then put the appropriately colored sticker on the artists they liked the best.  Having your friends and family there to support you was a HUGE help in the live vote.

Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012My wonderful husband Jared was there to support me.  He helped me set up, had dinner with me, went back to work and then came back later in the night to enjoy the rest  of the show.  He’s always been such a huge supporter of me and my crazy creations!  I’m so lucky to have him there by my side.Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012 I was so excited to have Cedi’s Kindergarten teachers and School Counselors there to support me as well!  They had to find sitters and be out late on school night to do it but it was so cool that they did!Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012My cousin and his wife came up from Lake Mills to check things out and give me their vote – so so so cool! Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012And of course some friends of mine were also there.  Amy (on the left) you may recognize as the girl that got me pretty dirty back in August.  Eileen has been a friend of the Lapacek’s for many years and it was so great that she made it to the show!    Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012

Cousin Amie came out to support as well!  She’s been a huge supporter of me all along and it’s so great to have her living in Madison now so I get to see her even more often!

Madison RAWards Semifinals 2012

Well – I didn’t win but I had a great time, had some amazing friends and family to hang out with, AND I got my picture taken with Will from Chez Bouche’.  I would say it was a fabulous night overall!

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