Nomination Time 2012 Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival

Last Friday I posted about my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’ (Quilt 138) for Amy’s Creative Side’s Fall Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  The deadline has passed for new quilts and over 600 quilts were entered into the festival – TONS of amazing browsing and goggling at quilts to be had!


It is now time to Nominate your favorite quilts to win!  I really hope you take a few minutes to nominate my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’ – Quilt 138 for some of it’s appropriate categories.  I’m going to share with you the quilts I nominated and also hint at some categories that Quilt 138 – the Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt would fit under.  You can also vote for you FAVORITE quilt fo the entire by going to THIS LINK.  (ahem…quilt 138…)

Nominate your favorite quilts to win! To nominate, list the entry number from the Festival below. {} One nomination per category, please. Thanks for taking the time! Good Luck ~ Amy

As I was browsing the over 600 quilts entered I’ll admit I didn’t look at each post…just way too much.  The picture each blogger decided to post in the link was very detrimental in what I clicked on – definitely needed to be an eye catcher!  Here are the finalist for my nominations…

Favorite Baby Quilt

baby quilt I nominate Quilt 429  LOVE the story behind this quilt – incredible!

Favorite Throw Quilt

Amazing Tehcnicolor Dream Scrap QuiltQuilt 138 would fit in this category pretty well…  Here’s what I chose:

professional quiltedI nominate Quilt 456

Favorite Bed Quilt

bed quilt I nominate Quilt 422

Favorite Group or Bee Quilt

bee quiltI nominate Quilt 453

Favorite Two Color Quilt

2 color

I nominate Quilt 491. Stolen  Not only is this stunning work…but this quilt was stolen!  Check out the blog post to see what to do if you’ve seen this quilt!

Favorite ROYGBIV Quilt

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltAnother category my Quilt 138 would fit in…

roygbivI nominate Quilt 145.

Favorite Applique Quilt

applique quilt

I nominate Quilt 21 super cool technique to create this fun effect!

Favorite Hand-Quilted Quilt

scrabble quilt

I nominate Quilt 140.  I LOVE scrabble – this quilt is fabulous!


Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt

home quilted

I nominate Quilt 61

Favorite Professionally Quilted Quilt

professionally quiltedI nominate Quilt 274

Favorite Quilt Photographer

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltI’ll admit…I was pretty happy with how my photo’s for this quilt turned out.  And now that I got a new camera I can only hope to get some amazing new pictures! But below was just a wonderful way to utilize a quilt!



photography I nominate Quilt 40

Favorite Art Quilt

art quiltI nominate Quilt 26

Favorite Doll/Mini Quilt

mini quilt

I Nominate Quilt 99

Favorite Wall Hanging

walk in the woods

I nominate Quilt  502

Favorite Scrap Quilt

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltQuilt 138 was also made entirely out of scraps…yet another option for you if you’ve found other favorites in the other categories it would fit under…

scrap quiltI nominate: Quilt 477

Alright – this post helped me figure out all my nominations!  I hope you enjoyed the little ‘peak’ I shared with you of just a few of the amazing quilts entered in this year’s festival.  Head on over to Amy’s blog  – vote, nominate, and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for nominating my quilt for favorite mini! I ADORE your quilt! Scrappy and rainbow are my two favorite things! We made many of the same choices for nominations!

  2. It was well deserved! You did an AMAZING job!


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