Project QUILTING It’s Never too Late

The other day I was starting to get things organized and ready for Season 4 of Project QUILTING to start in just over a month.  I had some housekeeping to do since I recently rebranded myself from KimsCraftyApple to Persimon Dreams.  I was fixing the Project QUILTING Flickr Group and renamed it to Project QUILTING with Persimon Dreams when I noticed a new project had been added.

barn quilt
Barn Quilt from WaggonsWest

This is the barn quilt I started eons ago in response to one of Kim's Crafty Apple (recently rebranded to Persimon Dreams) quilt challenges. Here it is finally finished.

I am so so so happy that WaggonsWest shared her project with us even though it didn’t get done during the week time frame.  Yes, there is just a week to finish the challenges in Project QUILTING – but does that mean you can only be inspired by the challenge in that week time frame – NO!  This quilt was from the Barn Quilt Challenge and I’m so happy to have my challenge continue to inspire wonderful creations!  If one of my Project QUITLING challenges has inspired you to create a project – please, don’t hesitate to share it with us all!

Because I can and because I’m in need of some inspiration – I’ll be posting an off season challenge tomorrow on my blog at noon.  Because of the holiday season, I’ll be giving everyone two weeks to complete this challenge.  More details to come tomorrow!


  1. Eeeep! I've been counting down the weeks until 2013 because I'm excited for Project Quilting. I have more time now than I did during the last season so I should be able to get more ideas off paper and into fabric. I'll be jumping in on the challenge tomorrow.:)

  2. Yeah! I'm glad there will be at least two of us!


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