Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge, Happy Holidays

Happy Sunday everyone!  I have been itching to have some challenges to motivate me into creating something super cool again so I’ve decided to hold an ‘Off Season Project QUILTING’ Challenge.  It’ll be a great warm up for us all to get ready for the start of Season 4 of Project QUILTING in January.

You’ll have a two week deadline for this challenge since I know the Holiday season can be extra busy for some.




quilted trivets/holiday gifts

by thisisloveforever


Happy Holidays.

I am challenging you to make something quilted that has to do with the upcoming Holidays (specifically any holiday that happens in December or January).  This can be a wide range of items and I’ve included a few photo’s from flickr that I found to give you some inspiration.  I promise – if you search ‘Quilted Holiday’s’ on flicker you’ll find some amazing ideas!


You must use at least two different methods of quilting to complete your Holiday piece.  ie. piecing, English paper piecing, paper piecing, appliqué, templates, etc.  Note in your final description the methods you used.


IMG_0016 (640x640)

by Kimbuktu (aka FabricFascination)


  1. Have FUN! These off season challenges aren’t about winning a prize – they’re about being inspired to create something you may not have in the past or you may think you have time for. I can’t wait to see all the fun holiday items you come up with!

  2. Please remember that these projects need to be created during the time frame of the challenge to qualify for the challenge.

  3. If you need advice/tips/help (or you just want to give us all a sneak peak) with your project as you work on it feel free to post pictures to the flickr group: Project QUILTING WIP:

  4. POST your entries with a description of your creative process, including where you are (ie, I create in Madison, WI) and the size of your project by Sunday, December 9th, 2012, at noon, CST, to this flickr group – OR email a picture/description of your completed project to {lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com} with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line and I’ll post your piece for you. ( 2 weeks to finish the challenge)

  5. If you do want people to truly critique (the good and the bad) your project please post it to the Flickr Group: Project QUILTING – Critiques

green tree skirt

by thundymac


Prizes?  Yup!  Well – sort of…  Whoever enters this challenge will receive a code from me to get 15% off at my etsy shop, The Apple.

Examples of my newest jewelry


I don’t just quilt – I also make jewelry!  I’ve been making some new things lately and jewelry always makes great gifts or stocking stuffers!

Let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or you need anything clarified!

With that – good luck everyone!


  1. I love challenges-- can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

    There is a wool challenge going on over on my side-- come take a visit:

  2. i meant to share this link-- sorry about that!


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