Waiting for the Bus

IMG_1664 Every morning the girls slowly get up, get dressed, eat, brush their hair, brush their teeth and then hopefully, start getting ready for the bus at 7:30.  The bus usually gets here around 7:45/7:50 but it’s that one day when you don’t worry about that 7:30 deadline that the bus will show up early.  I don’t know about your kids or kids you know, but mine have absolutely zero concept that if they’re not ready when the bus gets here – the bus will not wait for them.  I find if I enforce the 7:30 deadline for getting shoes/boots and coats on at least they are ready when the time comes.  Because of this, there is a bit of ‘waiting for the bus’ going on.  Luckily, the bus comes from the North and we can see pretty far down the road that way to give the girls ample time to get out to the end of the driveway in time.  If it’s nice out we’ll wait outside – now that it’s colder the girls have devised a more comfortable way to wait for the bus.  I just could not resist snapping a few pictures of it. I don't think Pip knew what to think of what they were doing.IMG_1669

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