8th Annual Holiday Craftacular

I’ve been quieter than I normally am around here because I’m preparing for my final Craft Show of 2012 – the 8th Annual Holiday Craftacular!  It’s been 4 weeks since my last craft show this season so I’ve definitely had a lot of time to breath.  There is always that mad dash at the end though – you not only have to make as much as you possibly can, but you have to get it all labeled too!  I always forget about that part…

Holiday Craftacular 2012

I’m feeling pretty good about the show – I have a lot of inventory so that shouldn’t be an issue.  I typically set up my booth prior to the show time but our apple store is in complete disarray with the addition going on – and there’s no heat.  I didn’t want to hang out in the cold too long!  I’m sure I’ve over packed displays/tables/product but I would rather put some back in my van than wish I had brought something else.  You would think after doing so many I would have this down by now!  BUT – I tend to switch things up every show it seems…


Today, Pip was at my mother-in-law’s so I could get all my stuff packed up and loaded.  When I was loading the van from the shed I shut the back door to see if the door would still shut after I had loaded some of my awkward displays in.  Well – it did shut, and lock, and my keys were inside.  On the bright side, I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go today.  On the downside, I couldn’t load the rest of my things until Jared got home from work with the extra key.  It was more of just an annoyance than anything…but it was still annoying.  I did pack all of my things from the shed up and put it by the door in preparation for loading.  Then I headed into my warm house and packed up all my fabric-y items and of course – finished a few last minute things.holiday-2012-craftacular-la

Even though I do have quite a bit of inventory I did have to make a few new things.  I’ll give you some ‘sneak peeks’ here of what I have in store for tomorrow and Saturday!


My new favorite thing for the sale this year are my handmade pillowcases with pockets and a worry doll (mix and match – Matyroshka or snowman).

themeasure It’s no secret that I like to dress my girls in amazing handmade clothes from The Measure.  One of her newest looks (picture above) is this amazing dress with a house pocket and a doll inside – how clever is that!?

Every Christmas it seems that my Matryoshka Doll ornaments are a hit (during non-Christmas the worry dolls go over pretty well too).  And for the past couple of years my mother-in-law has been making and teaching these fun and easy handmade pillowcases.  I was looking at some kits she had made up with all the fabric in them when a lightbulb went off… I should make some pillowcases, add a pocket, and put a worry doll in them!

IMG_2831Seriously!?  How cute is this? I brought my first three prototypes upstairs to see what my target market thought of them (ie Cedi (6) and Capri (4)).  They immediately gushed over them and asked ‘Is that for ME?!’.  Sadly I had to tell them no – they’re for sale (although secretly they’ll be getting them from Santa this year…I can always make more after this weekend if I have to).  From that reaction I knew I had to make more.  I ended up getting 14 done in all.  They’ll come with either a Matyroshka worry doll or a snowman worry doll.  I really hope these go over like I think they will!  And if they don’t – I know quite a few little girls that will enjoy their Christmas presents from me this year!

IMG_2852 The pocket pillowcases aren’t my only new items.  I also have two new patchwork orphan block elephants, a couple of new stuffed owls, fun new table runners and quilts, and of course some new jewelry.  I’ll be sure to take pictures of my booth set up tomorrow so you can see how I got it all put together in the end.

To see the other great vendors and artists that will be showcasing and selling check out the Glitter Workshop’s Blog.  Even better – if you’re in the Madison, WI, area come on down and see us all in person!  We’d love for you to say hi!

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