Fabric Fascination – BOM Update

I may not finish piecing the tops of all the BOMs I participated in during 2012 but I am proud to say I DID finish all the blocks!  The last one I have to share with you this year is the BOM I did via FabricFascination.  This was my most laid back BOM as I received each block already cut with the fabrics chosen for me.  It was a very therapeutical BOM and I am really happy with the 12 blocks I have now!

Fabric Fascination's BOM

Block 9

Fabric Fascination's BOM  Block 10Fabric Fascination BOM Block 11Fabric Fascination BOMBlock 12 FabricFascination BOM all 12 blocks

Here are the 12 blocks from Fabric Fascination BOM.  You still have time to make this quilt!  Just head over to Kym’s shop and buy the months!  You can either let her choose the fabric for you or you can choose whatever fabric from her shop you’d like!

The next step is for me to figure out how I want to sash between the 12 blocks.  I bought some beautiful batiks to go with the blocks from her shop so it’s just a matter of taking the time now.  I’ll keep you posted! 

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  1. Wow Kim!

    I love how your blocks look, such great contrast. It will be fun to see how you sash it.


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