Post Christmas Review

WOW!  We had a whirlwind of Christmas celebrations this year – just 8 in a 5 days.  Miraculously no one was sick and the girls were extremely well behaved (by day 6 you could tell they’d had enough – luckily it was time to head home).  Everyone was spoiled with TONS of gifts but I have to say – I was impressed with just how appreciative the girls were with everything they got.,  In general I would say it was a crafty, doll house, yoga Christmas.  Below I’m going to share some of the pictures of our holiday with you.  Some of the things they received or events that happened may need future stories to talk about them more in depth.  I would love to hear what you would all like to hear more about!

IMG_3206 a new art station for the girls!IMG_3234 Pip is coloring her godmother’s face.  Kim is happily letting her!IMG_3257We tried to get a picture of Great Grandma Lapacek with all the great grand kids…Pip wasn’t too cooperative.IMG_3273Pip and Cedi just chilling (Pip’s dress is from The Measure – LOVE it!) IMG_3277 Great Grandma Lapacek with her sons and grandkids.  IMG_3290 Pip, Cedi and Capri patiently wait to open their present from aunt Karma.IMG_3292 Pip’s new rocking chair!  Grandma fixed it up and made it cooler.  It was Pip’s dad before that and his Uncle’s before him!IMG_3299 The new doll house!  Yes – all the girls LOVED it!  Pip was too excited to turn around for the picture. IMG_3313 Pip’s peaking through the window in the doll house.

IMG_3315 Grandma gave Capri a vintage bunch bowl for her tea set collection.  IMG_3322 So…we had to have a tea party of course!IMG_3327 Pip even joined in the fun!IMG_3332 A huge hit this year was the Art Kits.  I got the idea from Julie Martin of Zozobug Baby!  I got totes for all three girls and then added a bunch of art supplies, ribbons, crayons, paints, etc and now the girls can create to their hearts content – and then put it all back in the tote.  IMG_3335 Well – that’s the theory anyway.IMG_3360 Santa brought Capri a tea set!  She was very happy!  IMG_3379The girls had a Yoga Christmas morning from Santa!IMG_3380  With yoga mats, kids yoga video’s, a yoga book and a yoga game.  We’ve already had yoga night and yoga fun!IMG_3386 Our last Christmas was with Grandma and Grandpa Van and Uncle Brian.  The girls LOVED all their gifts of puzzles, sewing machines, new outfits, books, art supplies and lots more!IMG_3389 Capri and Grandpa Van!IMG_3392 Cedi with her new United States puzzle.IMG_3406 Jared and the girls painted me a dresser for my closet!IMG_3407 Jared wrote the girls a book, “The Rainbow Pink Donkey” – definitely a future post to show this off!IMG_3426 My parents went on a cruise to Hawaii in November.  My mom surprised me and got me fabric from Hawaii!  So excited to find the prefect project for these!!!

**Photo’s missing from the Landwehr Christmas party and the Van Grunsven family party.

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