Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color, A Closer Look, Part 4

Happy Thursday everyone!  I can’t believe that today is the last day of January!  (Happy Birthday to Diane, btw)  Last night, before I fell asleep I was thinking, as a result of two Project QUILTING Challenges over 100 quilts have already been created in 2013!  Isn’t that just incredible!?  I think it is.  Now, let’s take a closer look at nine of those quilts and hear the stories behind them…

9 quilts created for the 'My Favorite Color' Project QUILTING Challenge
1. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2, 2. Trippin' in Aqua, 3. Sweet Maggie Love, 4. Pink Weed Whacker, 5. close up of Ombré Quilt, 6. The Blue Asterisk, 7. Priewe Red, 8. Ocean Waves 2, 9. Doodles in Teal Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: Unconventional Katie

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2

Blue Improv

Size: 4"x6"
Created in Moorhead, MN

I didn't have as much time to sew this week so I went with a smaller piece. Improv sewing is something I don't do easily so I challenged myself to just pick random scraps to just sew. The binding was also found in my scrap bin. It was a good experiment but I'm not sure if this will be a go-to method for me.


Quilter: Carlotta Jean

Trippin' in Aqua

Trippin' in Aqua

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2: My Favorite Color

Trippin' in Aqua was made in Dodge City, Kansas and is 48" x 48".

I've been sewing like a mad woman to get this finished. I wasn't planning on a larger quilt, but as I made blocks, I fell in love. I only wish I had time to make it bigger.

I was inspired by the quilt along over at

My plan was to use my aqua scraps and incorporate the quilt along with this challenge. My mind was changed with the first block and I decided to go with the trip around the world.


Quilter: The Thimblemouse

Sweet Maggie Love

Sweet Maggie Love

Made for "Project Quilting" (Season 4 - Challenge 2)
In Memory of our sweet girl Maggie who passed away Jan. 23, 2013 - mini quilt is 9.5"x15"


Quilter: KKrieg

Pink Weed Whacker

Pink Weed Whacker

My name is Kathy and I quilt in Chandler Arizona. This quilt is 25 x 25in. and made using a pattern from Quiltville. I then pieced the corners and put appliquéd squares on the border. Beads added the finishing touch.


Quilter: Solar Threads

Ombré Quilt

Project Quilting 2013 challenge 2. My favorite color is purple, but I wanted to use scraps or fabric that I had on hand, and blue was what I had the most of. I've been wanting to make an "Ombré" quilt for several months now, and this challenge was exactly what I needed to motivate me to do it! It's 22 by 17 inches, made in Pendleton Oregon. I also used an "invisible binding" for the first time, and loved the result!! Blogged about here: -finish.html


Quilter: Miranda’s Place

The Blue Asterisk

The Blue Asterisk

I'm Miranda and I quilt in Atlanta, Ga. I loved this challenge and wanted to do something fun. I saw this block on Craftsy and knew this would be a great way to showcase my favorite color.


Quilter: Quilt Chicken

Priewe Red

Priewe Red

My name is Trisha Frankland and I live in Lodi Wisconsin. My dad's family has a signature color - we call it "Priewe red" to distinguish it from lesser colors! I was determined to accomplish this project without making a purchase - but finding red and white with no other color was a bigger challenge than I'd thought (I dug deep in this stash dive - one fabric had a 2000 copyright on the selvage edge). This 11" x 40" table runner is based on the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s recent tutorial on an alternate use for The Binding Tool - but of course, I changed things up quite a bit too. The quilting is a random, straight line, off-centered echoes of the blocks in white thread.


Quilter: SusiQuiltsEtsy

Ocean Waves 2

This is my first entry in Project Quilting! These shades of teal are my current favorite color - the colors of the ocean. I had some small pieces of these batiks that were left over from another project, so I used them to make this candle mat in the appropriately named block "ocean waves." The size is about 10" square. This photo shows the true colors of the fabrics, but unfortunately doesn't pick up the detail of the quilting. I machine-quilted tight stippling in all the white sections and quilted three rows of gentle waves in the borders. (You can see the quilting detail in the second photo.) I create in Menifee, CA.


Quilter: Diane Lapacek

Doodles in Teal

Doodles in Teal

Made for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 2.

Kim challenged me to complete this challenge this week. I dream up these challenges...I don't usually do them. So I was at the Wisconsin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference on Monday and Tuesday and found myself doodling. I decided this was a quilt that needed to be made, so I came home and drew it bigger on a piece of freezer paper. After raiding my stash, I decided I needed more teal fabrics, particularly in medium and lighter shades, so I pulled out some of my green scraps and over-dyed them. I used paper piecing, straight and curved piecing and appliqué to complete the top then added free motion quilting.

Finished size is 18" x 24".

Made by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.


More ‘closer looks’ coming soon…

My Favorite Block Quilt Along, Block 4 from Pamela Quilts

WOW!  It’s Thursday ALREADY!  This week has sure gon e by fast!  Today we get to see what Pamela Boatright of Pamela Quilts picked for her ‘Favorite Block’ for the 4th in the ‘My Favorite Block’ Quilt Along Journey.

- What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs? 

I love seeing how the same block can look so different just depending on the fabrics!  A lot of time I get stuck in one way of seeing a block, and different fabric really changes how the block looks.

When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of? 

I tend to use a lot of blue, but I also see a lot of orange in my work lately.

When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

Definitely blue!  Probably on a ratio of about 3 times as much blue as any other color!

What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013? 

None at the moment, but I've been resisting looking too much at the Scrappy Tripalong blocks that keep popping up on blogs....I'm really trying to go through my UFO's this year.

Apples or oranges? 

Oranges.  The yummy mini ones!

Favorite Number:


See what Pamela is up to by following/liking her/hearting her online:

Alright – I’ll make you wait no longer… head over to Pamela Quilts Blog to find out how to make her favorite block –


I’ll be posting mine soon – I had a sneak peek and made my blocks last night!  Make sure you add your Favorite Block Blocks to the Flickr Group – I’ll be doing a ‘Progress Report’ next week and I’ll add your blocks to the mosaic if they’re up!  Have fun!

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Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color, A Closer Look, Part 3

snow day januaryThey declared a snow day this morning for our school district so I currently have three really hyper children running around destroying things.  But they’re having fun and fighting has been pretty minimal.  While they’re busy with each other, I’m going to get the third Closer Look posted for the My Favorite Color Project QUILTING Challenge!

9 quilts created for the Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color Challenge
1. Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!, 2. Snowy Day - Finished, 3. Polka Dot Passion - another block, 4. GEDC0563, 5. Sailing Away, 6. Mountain Mist Fabric Mosaic - detail, 7. project quilt fav. color2, 8. Blue is My Favorite, 9. Path to my Heart Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: Janie Kemp

Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!

Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!

This little mug rug/mat is named for the happy children't song that my kids and I used to sing.
I was inspired by the tutorial at I used the Dresden Plate pattern designed by Sandie McCann.
The mat is 11X5.75". I especially enjoyed simple hand quilting around the pieces and around the design. The sun is stuffed with an extra layer of padding. The back matches the binding.Thanks for looking!

Janie Kemp of Isabella's Whimsy, College Station, TX


Quilter: Pastor Katie Bishop and her daughter, Eden (age 5)

Snowy Day - FinishedSnowy Day

Designed by my five year old Eden, this photo depicts our day today – SNOWY! Eden and I sat down and drew out a plan, then we traced it onto the fabric. I cut using my super-sharp, fabric-only scissors and then ironed the pieces flat. We “glued” them on with spray adhesive and made a sandwich. She and I quilted the lines (as you can tell!) using thread that matches. I did the binding quickly and she helped me stitch it on. For “snowflakes” Eden picked some of my blue buttons that were added on. We opted for glue for those (alas) mostly because we feeling pretty done!

The project is a 12.5 inch square. She plans to hang it in our living room this winter. After it has made the rounds to preschool and each of the grandparents.


Quilter: QuiltsSewPieceful 

Polka Dot Passion - Full View

Polka Dot Passion

Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 2

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  It is small enough to fit in almost any space! There is a sleeve on the back for ease in hanging. But it would also be wonderful on a table.
There are 3 different machine embroidered hearts, all in white and red. The backgrounds behind the hearts are pieced together from many different fabrics. Each heart is surrounded by a red and white polka dots.
It is quilted "in the ditch" (in the seams) with straight lines. Around the machine embroidered hearts is "feather" quilting. This makes the hearts "pop" even more.

Gilbert, AZ

Quilter: laurabmundy


I am new to quilting, although I have been sewing since I was 4 years old. My mother started teaching me how to sew by sewing together 3" squares for quilts. I have made a number of quilt blocks over the course of my life; however, this is the first quilt I have ever made from start to finish. Thanks for the opportunity to show my work. Good luck to everyone who entered the challenge.

Quilter:  the gift garden

Sailing Away

Sailing Away

Here is my entry for week 2 of Persimon Dreams' Quilting challenge.

I love blues but surprisingly don't have many blue fabrics. I ended up using a bunch of scraps I had gotten in a trade through Etsy. They are a mix of cotton, corduroy, and lighter-weight fabrics. The white fabric is a thicker woven fabric (also used in week 1). The sails and boat were machine quilted with clear quilting thread.

I originally made four boats and attached them with the intention of making a wall hanging. However, I wasn't happy with how it was coming together and was too intimidated by the amount of quilting I would have had to do on my sweet little Brothers machine. It's not exactly designed for quilting big projects and I am still very new to the quilting process.

I am really happy with how the colors and patterns came together, but am wondering if using all cotton fabrics would have been easier.

These potholders are approximately 9.5" squared and were made in Richlands, NC.


Quilter: For Quilts Sake

Mountain Mist Fabric Mosaic

Mountain Mist Fabric Mosaic

"Mountain Mist" Fabric Mosaic

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Jan. 2013 for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2, "My Favorite Color."

20" x 10” (frame size)

My creative process and how I made it:

My favorite color is green, specifically, sage green.

This project is a fabric mosaic. Several layers of green batik fabrics are arranged on a background layer.

Off-white wool roving is spread across the lower part of the middle third to represent fog behind the pine trees in the foreground. These pine trees were cut from two different dark green batik fabrics and placed on top of the roving. A piece of yarn is couched across the bottom of the line of pine trees.

Green wool roving is spread across the lower third and both white and green roving in the upper third, again to give it a whispy effect.

The piece is covered with some sparkly green netting then quilted together with two different green threads. The mat is cut a little large so the edges of the piece and the pale green background fabric show.

For more information visit my blog:


Quilter:  ImaParadoxTu

project quilt fav. color2

I ran out of time this week to do the project I really wanted to do, so it turned into a kind of mini table runner kind of thing. Something you set on a table or dresser and put a candle or small plant on.
I made this in my home in Georgia.


Quilter: Shout 4 Joy

Blue is My Favorite

Blue is My Favorite

20" Square; fusible, raw edge appliqué and piecing, all by machine

I made this quilt in West Michigan.

I chose to work with blue fabrics because blue has been my favorite color for years and years.

The quilt is unbound as this will be incorporated into a larger piece later on - I'm thinking a quilter's bag that I will be happy to carry, and shouldn't lose!

For more info on my design process check my blog:


Quilter:  WaggonsWest

Path to my Heart

Path to my Heart

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2: My Favorite Color

This quilt measures 21 x 25 inches. It is pieced using raw edge appliqué. The materials are all from my stash.

It was made near St Louis, MO


There are three more closer looks left this week so stop by again tomorrow to read more about the projects created!

Project QUILTING,My Favorite Color; A Closer Look, Part 2

Let’s take a closer look at eight more of the great projects created for the ‘My Favorite Color’ Project QUILTING Challenge.

8 projects from the 2nd challenge of Project QUILTING - My Favorite Color 1. My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag, 2. A Little Blue, 3. I Heart Camilla!!, 4. Herringbone Cushion cover, 5. Chasing the Winter Blues, 6. pink in a blink, 7. Texting from the Heart, 8. "Fency Eating" Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: everything quilts

My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag

My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag

My inspiration was a request I had from a friend who wished she had a make-up bag with pockets.10"x7"x3" Made here in my Ole Kentucky Home

Chartreuse green for "my favorite color" challenge


Quilter: Batiks by the Bay

A Little Blue

A Little Blue

I live in a coastal town near Newcastle in Australia. My favourite colours are blue and purple. I decided to go with blue for this challenge.
I love the work of Victoria Gertenbach who blogs at the silly BooDilly. This mini was inspired by some minis she did a while ago. I made a similar one previously using blues and greens. This one measures 12.5 X 13.5. The perfect size for under the ipod docking station.


Quilter: mrswickman

I Heart Camilla!!

I Heart Camilla!!

My new purple bib!!I created this in Appleton, WI. My favorite color is and always has been purple. I did not know until Wednesday night what I was going to do. I had 3-4 fabrics to start with from my stash. I had a conversation with my husband, and he said, "Just make something for Camilla like you usually do!" (Camilla is my first grand daughter and she is 3.5 months old) Then the idea of a bib came to mind. I had a pattern from a book that I bought this summer, and already had the pattern cut out. I like it because it uses Velcro. Anyway, I used cotton batting, two purples, and three heart shapes, and used only one white, which is the same fabric I used in challenge 1. I also put cotton batting behind each heart to make it stand out a bit. It took me a little over two hours to complete last night. I used the free-motion quilting foot, zigzag stitch and hand-stitch. I will post a photo of Camilla wearing the bib later this week.


Quilter: Hook N Needle

Herringbone Cushion cover

Herringbone Cushion cover

Coin PurseHi I'm Hafza. I create in Malaysia. My favorite red,white Herringbone cushion cover fit for 18" x 18" cushion. I blog at

Coin purse

Coin purse made from Herringbone cushion cover leftover fabric except for the rose. I sew using the Quilt-As-You-Go technique. The finished size is 5"x6".


Quilter: Debbie in SC

Table runner Chasing the Winter Blues

Chasing the Winter Blues

Project Quilting week 2 I played around with a wonky star block to begin, using the tutorial from Bonnie Hunter's Maverick star block. Then I added blue strings in various widths using a braid technique. The end result is a table runner 15" by 30" that is just a little off kilter, and a fun way to chase away the winter blues.
Debbie at


Quilter: Quilts by Lisa

pink in a blinkpink in a blink

Pink in a Blink baby quilt (38" x 52") made in Ashland, Kentucky for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2, My Favorite Color.
Pink is not really my favorite color, but for the challenge of using just one color and white I decided to do something I hadn't done before, so I made a very pink quilt. I pieced the blocks using Elizabeth Hartman's "Crazy Nine Patch Lattice" technique, using 27 different pink fabrics. The blocks are so easy and fun to make! While I was making them and thinking they were coming together quickly, the phrase "pink in a blink" came into my head and stuck. Hence the quilt's name. I added the flowers using bias tape made from an additional pink fabric. I did this after the piece was quilted. I like doing it that way because then I don't have to work around the bias tape while quilting, plus I like the stitching on the back of the quilt. I sometimes use this technique for appliqué as well.
Another fun challenge!


Quilter:  BungalowBayQuilts

Texting from the Heart

Texting from the Heart

Wallhanging/Doll Quilt
Created for Project Quilting-Season 4- Challenge 2

My Favorite Color just happens to fit in very nicely with this weeks challenge, as well as this time of the year! This little quilt measures 24``x26`` and is pieced, appliquéd and embellished with mother of pearl buttons.
I quilt and blog in Ontario, Canada!


Quilter: Traci Smith

"Fency Eating"

"Fency Eating"

Orange is my favorite color and since this was my first project for project quilting, I went with a set of 2 placemats. I made them in Conroe, Tx. They measure 12" x 18"

Stay tuned for more Closer Looks throughout the week!  Have you decided on your favorite quilt created yet?

My Favorite Block Quilt Along, Block 3 from I’m a Ginger Monkey

I’m excited to be sharing the third block on our ‘My Favorite Block’ Quilt Along Journey.  Have you finished your first two blocks yet?  Be sure to check out the progress so many are making on their blocks in the Flickr Group.

bookcoverThe next designer for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ is Katy Jones from I’m A Ginger Monkey! I love ready Katy’s blog and she has some pretty recent big news – she has a book coming out this May!  She’s being very modest about the book saying, “It’s only a little book…” but I think it’s really exciting news!  Okay – now let’s here more from Katy before we get to see her block.


What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?

I like the community style support of quilt alongs, and the hand holding. I tend to get a little competitive though and try and finish fast. Which is probably a good thing, because otherwise they might not get finished!


When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of?

I use a lot of quite a few colours because I tend to make very busy quilts with a lot of colour and different fabrics. If I had to narrow it down I would say I use a lot oranges and pinks. And probably red.


When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

heaps and heaps of blue and green and not a lot of quilts that use it. I intend to use a LOT of it this year to try and get rid of some!


What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013?

Along with Brenda from and Megan from we are hosting a year long series of informal and low pressure quilt alongs on instagram and flickr. A new one every month. P1028041Our first one in January was the #scrappytripalong using Bonnie Hunter's scrappy trips around the world tutorial. It's been ridiculously popular - which has shocked all of us. We thought a few people would join in, but it seemed to blow up and we currently have over 3,500 photos hash tagged with #scrappytripalong on instagram and almost 900 members in the flickr group. Everyone is welcome, there are no official blog posts, no pressure to do anything, just make blocks as and when you want to, hash tag your pictures or upload them to the flickr group  and enjoy yourself. The idea of the IG-alongs is to use up fabrics in your stash rather than having to go shopping for specific yardage, we are choosing tutorials that are free and block based, so if you want to make a few blocks or a few hundred you can end up with a great mini quilt or a great giant quilt!   [I’m tripping along!]xplus

February's IG-along is the #xplusalong there's already a flickr group for that and currently almost 250 pictures on instagram hash tagged #xplusalong so I think that one will prove to be pretty popular too!

Apples or oranges?

apples - all the way


Favorite Number:

hmm. I've never thought about it, I don't really have one. Let'ss ay 4 because that's my family


Follow @ImaGingermonkey on twitter and instagram to keep up with all the fun she’s involved with!

Alright – I’ll make you wait no longer… head over to I’m A Ginger Monkey’s Blog to find out how to make Katy’s favorite block – photo

the Scrappy Churn Dash


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Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color: A Closer Look, Part 1

Last week for the closer looks I split the quilts into groups of about six quilts…that was 9 posts in about 5 days.  This week I’m going to split them into groups of 8 or 9 to keep the ‘Closer Looks’ down to about 6 posts.  I hope this works for everyone but your feedback is appreciated!

A Closer Look at 9 Project QUILTING 'My Favorite Color' Pieces
1. 321024_4577482312818_1625133801_n, 2. Quilting Project #2, 3. Going Pink, 4. Rift - close up, 5. Winter Melody 008, 6. Canyon Star, 7. color2 ch 2 SIMPLESEW Beach BLUES, 8. Remembering the Jersey Shore, 9. For Where Your Heart Is... Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: Cotton n Lace


'Ebony And Ivory'

by Amanda Reid
Made in South Africa
size 28'x24'

I decided to do something with this stash I have had for some know!...but it goes soooo well with white...anybody likes black and was so different for a change..really enjoyed doing this...(is now 3am here!) not too great...silly little phone camera..I also love appliqué so this was ideal...I am not too pro with the quilting but at least can get more into it with these challenges!!


Quilter: vroomansquilts

Quilting Project #2

‘Muse in Blue’

Favorite color challenge - I love blue - the lounging ladies are a dark navy blue print on blue, blue swirl, blue leaf and white/white. Used the Lounging Ladies for the binding. Tutorial for block is on my


Quilter: Mama Eggo

Going Pink

Going Pink

Pink scrappy patchwork quilted bib
Front is cotton, back is flannel, with an extra layer of flannel inside for added absorbency and thickness

Made for Project QUILTING - Cycle 4, Challenge 2 - "My favorite color"

I'm awful with favorites, but lately I LOVE pink and have been adding it to my wardrobe and sewing LOTS of pink in preparation for my SGK 3-day walk and an upcoming auction to help me reach my fundraising minimum. This bib will be in that auction!

I sew / create in my Cosmopolis, WA home when my kiddos allow me some "free time"


Quilter: KrisTMJ

Rift -'something wicked this way comes'

Rift - something wicked this way comes

This is a 13.25 x 17.25 size wall-hanging. This piece I am not sure if I want to say inspired by but it is a culmination of some frustrating things that are happening in my family. I really don't know how it came out in a quilt especially one that had me thinking happy thoughts about my favorite colors. It just came out and there it was. There happens to be 12 vertical lines that represent my family members, 10 horizontal lines that are my siblings only. 3 darker green lines vertically represent the 3 deceased (most recently my mother) with her line being torn away by one seemingly innocent sister that has an unbroken vertical line through the whole family. All I know is I did not plan a thing I just found this odd fat quarter that I like to call 'poison green' and started slashing and sewing. I did not get much sleep but when I looked at it in the morning it was all there in my eyes. I hope this will be a bit cathartic when I look at it in the future but I am not sure. On a good note I tried several techniques that I have never done before. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out. Just whiling away in nebraska wondering what will just pop up on my sewing table. ??


Quilter: HeartSoulMindandStrength

Winter Melody 008

Winter Melody

Since I live in AuGres, Michigan, winter gets long and I don't do cold very well. This year I am trying to turn the negative into a positive. I've realized that I'm thankful for a warm house and I've found that snow and icy ponds really are pretty when viewed from a warm cozy place. Every year we have a lone Canadian goose who seems to want to prove he doesn't have to fly south to warmer weather. This table runner is a tribute to that rebel goose! (notice my one flying geese block pieced into this bargello style table runner). Winter Melody is 11x19 1/2.


Quilter: liashandmades

Canyon Star

Canyon Star

Entry for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 2 "My Favourite Colour"

My entry this week consists of a lot of firsts. It's the first time I tried paper piecing, which was one of my goals for 2013, following the Dreamweaver pattern by Peggy Martin from her Craftsy Course "Quick Strip Paper Piecing". The other first was making and using my own piping, which I've done to give this pillow case just the extra bit of more colour.

The reason I called it Canyon Star is because of the colour of the batik fabric, it reminds me of the sand of the Grand Canyon. I used brown as my favourite colour because I'm addicted to all earthy and fall like shades. I like working with them the most.

This pillow case was created in Heide, Germany with fabrics from my stash. It measures 40 x 40 cm (16" x 16").

I am blogging at


Quilter: SimpleSew

color2 ch 2 SIMPLESEW Beach BLUES


I made 2 Sausage Pillow Cases in Rowan Coral Reef fabric for Case, Clothworks Spring Umbrella for the cuff, Kona Blue for the accent. size is 23x45 . Shirley Tener , Arlington, Texas.
What makes this a great pattern is that it uses French Seams to enclose all Seams.


Quilter: njerzgal

Remembering the Jersey Shore

"Remembering the Jersey Shore"

I grew up on the shore, literally. I spent most of my life at the beach. I hope you can see the girl on the lounge, bikini proud.
My favorite color is yellow and I immediately thought of making a sun..or bananas. Sun won.  I tried many new things, dresden, applique, etc. I create in our new home in Payson, IL


Quilter: WayMooreFunQuilts

For Where Your Heart Is...

For Where Your Heart Is...

"For Where Your Heart Is, There Will Your Treasure Be Also" - my favorite color is red and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate this color. It is about 12 in sq. It was made in Tucson, Arizona


A Lovely Year of Finishes – January Finish Party

I have to apologize for my multiple posts in one day this week – there’s just so much to share and only so much time in a month to share it all – I don’t want to forget anything!  My next post today is for the ‘A Lovely Year of Finishes’ I’m participating in.  1930s repro sampler

My goal for the January was to finish this 1930s Repro top – and I did!  It is currently at a long arm quilters, Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting,  waiting its turn for quilting!

I did manage to finish a few other things since my mid-month check in that I would like to share with you as long as I have your attention.

Kiragami Flake Pillow

Here is my Kirigami Flake Pillow I made for the ‘My Favorite Color’ Project QULITING Challenge.  I blogged about how I did it HERE.

IMG_4555 This coming Saturday, February 2nd I’ll be a vendor a the 6th Annual Valentine Craftacular.  So, I’ve been working on a few new things for my booth – above are some fun bill folds I made for the show.  Some are made with really fun fabrics – others with scraps of quilted fabrics I had left over from other projects.  They’re the perfect size to hold money and they’re cute to boot!  I added some fun pieces of twill tape to add that little extra to them.  I have a few more plans in mind to do this week but we’ll just have to see what my time allows for…


I already have a few ideas on what I want to finish for February…stop by early next month to see what my new goals are!

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