A Lovely Year of Finishes – Mid Month Check In

My ButtonI know I’m over posting this week.  I would love to just one a day but there is just too much going on in my creating world right now and I need to keep up with it all!

I need to do my ‘Mid Month Check In’ post for the Lovely Year of Finishes over at Sew Bittersweet Designs.

I started the month out with the goal of finishing the quilt top of my 1930s sampler blocks.

1930s sampler

My first step in accomplishing this  was to add borders to each of the blocks and make wonky squared up 15” blocks. The was the step that had been nagging at me forever and once I actually did it I couldn’t believe how fast it went!  It was such a simple thing to do that took me less than an afternoon…looking back I have no idea why I didn’t just take the time months ago.

1930s repro sampler

The last step was to sew the 12 blocks together.  I was going to quilt this one myself but I won a quilting prize from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting and I decided to use it on this quilt.  I’ll admit…the white fabric sort of scared me away from doing it myself…

The other goal I had this month was to reorganize my craft area.  I was looking for my before pictures but I can’t find them right now…here are my after pictures.  IMG_3790Look!  You can see my cutting table (lower left)!  It’s a miracle! IMG_3796

Here’s the other portion of my area…everything is off the floor.

IMG_3792My 2012 scraps are organized in their proper scrap bins…

IMG_3794 My fabric shelf isn’t perfect but I can still find everything so I’m going to wait awhile before I do an entire reorganize of that.

IMG_3811This is just a cool picture of my thread shelf.  I was having fun with my fish eye lens.

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished so far this month!  This ‘goal setting’ is working for me!

Quiltsy WiP

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  1. Popping by from the Mid Month link up over at Lovely Year of Finishes.
    Such fun!
    Great progress.
    Kind regards
    Liz DandeliondD

  2. Wow, you knocked that 30s quilt out of the ballpark! It looks great, and so does your stitching area. The idea of those scrap bins is great. My scraps multiply exponentially. I use them every time I sew, and they still mount up! I think I'm outgrowing the shoebox and kleenex box system, so on to ice cream buckets, and then maybe 5 gallon buckets? LOL

  3. Love that camera lens! Your space looks great and I like your 30's quilt too.

  4. Your sampler looks amazing! And can I just say I am in love with your craft space! Love your fisheye pictures too!


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