Click It, Baby… with Karmen Linder Photography


IMG_3928For Christmas, Diane gave me a photography class with the amazingly talented Karmen Linder of Karmen Linder Photography!  Today – I went to that class and I can now proudly say that I should never have to use Auto Mode again.

In ‘normal speak’ we learned about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, white balance, and how to get that amazing ‘fuzzy background’ Karmen’s so famous for!  Just as her flyer said, the class was FULL of ‘ah-haa’ moments!

IMG_3950A bottle in the window…bright, with a fuzzy background… IMG_3968Karmen was  a great teacher.  She has a very laid back yet direct approach. The best way to learn how to use your camera is to actually use it!   I’m excited for this weekend…I’ll definitely have to experiment with what I learned on photo’s of my girls.  IMG_3996The master in action…where should we take the next picture?  What else can I teach these ladies? IMG_4000 Karmen took a group shot of us (I had to photo her doing it…she really liked how many photo’s I took of her…)IMG_4006And then, I had to try it out… YES!  I took that picture!photo class Karmen L1This was really fun – we all photo’d a continuous ‘jump’ session…  IMG_4084I think Karmen may change from being the girl behind the camera to being in the photo more…she was having some fun! IMG_4094 IMG_4099 IMG_4103 IMG_4104


To top it all off…there was a really cool ice ‘drip’ down one of the brick buildings on our little photo walk…

photo class Karmen L

It was great having a teacher that went with the flow of things.  Karmen even did a nice runway walk for me and my clicky camera!  She still has a few spots in her Saturday and Sunday classes if you want to really learn how to use your new camera – in more than just auto.  At the beginning of the class she told us, “You’ll be taking better pictures within an hour”.  Her class lived up to her word and I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing better pictures from me!


  1. You perfectly described and photographed our class! Thank you!

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