Girl Update

Yes Kaitra – this post is for you!  I know I have at least one reader who is reading to find out how things are going in my family and for pictures of my girls.  She does like quilts…but I can’t make her wait too much longer to hear about the family since she’s not on facebook either…

capri and her hat Capri is my little artist.  She keeps herself entertained while I quilt and comes up with some of the coolest creations.  The other day she came to show me the ‘hat’ she made from a bag with handles…seriously!?  So cool!Capri in a basket

Today I looked over and Capri had made herself comfortable with her bear in a handmade basket from my husband’s aunt Becky.

pip and capri in a basket Of course, as soon as Pip noticed – she had to climb in too.  cedi writing Cedi has been writing at school.  I’m so loving it!  She’s just writing how things sound and she definitely has some letters backwards but this whole ‘watching my children learn’ thing is seriously the coolest thing ever (I’m sure I sound crazy right now but it’s so much cooler when it’s your own child!).

So…here’s my interpretation of what Cedi wrote.  I’m guessing the teacher asked them to write about what they did on their long weekend.
I went to DePere then I went to Great Grandmas.  Jujubees and a peanutbutter cup and cranberry juice and at uncle Fuzzy’s I had Sprite.”

Only Cedi would remember the food and drink portion of her weekend with Grandma and Grandpa – that girl can eat!

And here are just some photos of the girls I shared with my facebook friends…but I thought you all might want to see them too.




  1. Hey Kim, I'm reading for the family updates too (and also not on FB)! So keep them coming. :)

  2. Of course! I'll do my best :) This time of year is a bit quiltsy - nuts... what do you think of Cedi's writing!? She's reading now too! It's so cool!

  3. What a pleasant surprise to see my name in your blog! I almost dropped my teacup. I do love hearing about the family. Thank you kindly friend!

  4. I also love your family posts. Lets hear about you and Frank?!

  5. :) You hear about me every day! I quilt :) and watch the kiddos... Frank is doing great...working hard...being sweet... :)

  6. It's awesome! I'll have to ask the education expert in my family but I'm sure he'd say she's "above level." Must be so fun to read together.


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