Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting: A Project QUILTING Season 4 Sponsor

We’re getting to crunch time folks!  The first Project QUILTING Challenge is posted in just over 3 days!  Seriously – do you have your sewing space ready ?  Cutting table cleared off? Rotary cutters ready?  I am getting really close which I’m pretty proud of.  Of course, as I’m cleaning and reorganizing I keep getting more new ideas.  I’m hoping I can incorporate some of them into these Project QUILTING challenges!

marcia morning

Morning Glory Bloom

As we get closer I want to feature another great sponsor of Project QUILTING.  I met Marcia at a Quilts by Barb Quilt Retreat and we hit it off right away.  Marcia’s been a sponsor and participator of Project QUILTING since the second season and it’s good to always have her support, energy and enthusiasm about my crazy ideas.   I also want to note when I first met Marcia she ONLY used blues in her quilts!  They were amazing – but they were all blue!  I think you’ll see as the season progresses…she’s definitely left her ‘square’.

Let me introduce you to another great sponsor of Season 4 of Project QUILTING -

Marcia Wachuta of Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting

IMG_1212Marcia Wachuta!


Have you followed along with previous seasons of Project QUILTING or is this your first time?

This will be my 3rd year. I have participated and sponsored the last 2 years (Season 2 and 3). and one of the summer off season challenge. My favorite challenge was Project QUILTING, Season 3, Challenge 1 – Architectural Elements

Quilts Built by Imagination


Where do you find inspiration?

In every day things --- In the colors around me, textures, and patterns.

I see quilts everywhere ---

What is your favorite thing about the winter months?

I quilt and sew a little bit more than I do during the summer. But I sew and quilt all the time! Three summers ago, I started a container garden to try another hobby. It inspired my quilting and I created even more quilts!

marcia blooming beans
Blooming Beans


Anything you’d like to share about your store with my readers please do so here:

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Be sure to check out more of Marcia!  All of her links are below!  I’ve really enjoyed seeing her free motion quilting techniques on her blog.  She does a great job explaining and showing step by step pictures – and she comes up with some really great patterns, designs, and concepts!



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