My Favorite Block Quilt Along, Block 2 from AmysCreativeSide

Happy Thursday everyone!  Did you all find a little bit of time to work on the first block from Tuesday?  I managed to get one 12.5” block and two 6.5” blocks.  I am thrilled to see so many joining in with the quilt along and posting their progress on the flickr group pool.  This is going to be TONS of fun!

The next designer for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ is Amy Ellis of AmysCreativeSide.  I first discovered Amy because of the amazing Blogger’s Quilt Festival she runs on her blog.  If you haven’t seen it yet – I highly recommend it!  Before we see our next block let’s learn a bit more about Amy!

Amy Ellis

What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?
I love the camaraderie, and trying something new or different than I would usually do.

When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of?
I love bright fabrics, I think tend to lean to blue/green, but have many pink/orange/yellow.

When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

I couldn’t tell you! I have a mess on my shelves right now, and usually dig until I find what I’m looking for.

From my Stash


What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013?  I’m hosting the Dancing Stars Quilt-along on my blog, it’s a paper piecing beauty!

Check it out HERE!  and check out the GIVEAWAY she’s having!Dancing StarSide note – by now, my readers know I’m OBSESSED with QALs so of course I’m doing Amy’s!  Above are the two blocks I have finished so far…

Apples or oranges?

Favorite Number:
I don’t have one but Owen, my 5 year old mentions 145 at least twice daily!

Keep an eye on all of Amy’s projects, books, and excitement by following/liking her online:

Amy is an author too!

Now head on over to AmysCreativeSide and find out how to make her ‘Favorite Block’:

Road to Oklahoma

Road to Oklahoma from Amy Ellis of AmysCreativeSide

I hope you decide to join in the fun!


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