My Favorite Block Quilt Along Choosing your Fabric

With all the Project QULITING madness going on I don’t want you to all forget that the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ starts NEXT WEEK!  It’s probably a good time for you to start pulling some fabrics from your stash or realizing you want to go shopping for something new.

One of your questions may be:
How much fabric am I going to need?

I’m going to be completely up front by saying I’m not 100% sure.  I can give you an estimate but your best bet is to make this a pretty scrappy quilt.  Find fabrics in the same color family’s – pay attention to the tones.  I think if you got a decent stack of dark, medium, and light toned fabric you’ll be sitting good.  My mother-in-law, Diane, figures that if you have 5 yards, or 20 fat quarters you should be covered.

My fabric selection for the 'My Favorite Block Quilt Along'The fabrics I pulled for this quilt along are not my normal palette but I’m really liking them right now.  It will be a combination of whites, grays, peach/yellow and greens.   Above is the stack that I’ve pulled so far but I may add more here and there as I feel it’s necessary.  My fabric selection for the 'My Favorite Block Quilt Along'To check the value of the fabrics I chose I adjusted the first picture to just a black and white picture.  It looks to me like I have a decent amount of lights and mediums but I could probably use a few more fabrics in my ‘dark’ value section.  The black and white method for checking color values has been amazing for me.



Have fun!  And I’ll see you here next Tuesday, January 15th so you can see the first block – a log cabin from Diane Lapacek!


  1. I love your color choices! Definitely different for you, but different is good :)

  2. I think your colors are terrific! I would love to follow but I'm not sure just what to use. I will work on it this week end.

  3. I am curious about this. From what I understand, I do a block a week from a pattern that will be received on the website. I can use whatever colors I wish, frankly, I have so many scraps to use I would like to try this and use some of them up. Is there a special way to sign up for the challenge? Thanks!!

  4. Hi Pam! I hope you join in! There will be two blocks posted every other week through Project QULITING. Once Project QUILTING is over there will be two new block patterns a week posted. Yup - use whatever colors you would like - scraps wourld work fabulously! No need to sign up - just have fun following along!

  5. [...] did decide to add some more darker oranges to my initial fabric ‘pull’ just because I felt I need [...]


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