My Favorite Block Quilt Along – Progress Report

My Favorite Block Quilt Along started up last week.  I’m very excited to see how many people are participating in the fun!

I am going to start by showing the progress I made on my blocks and then I’ll share with you some groups I made from those who shared their blocks in the flickr group.

My fabric selection for the 'My Favorite Block Quilt Along'

I did decide to add some more darker oranges to my initial fabric ‘pull’ just because I felt I need them.

The first block tutorial was written by Diane Lapacek.  She chose the ‘Free Form Log Cabin’ Block.


I decided to make one 12.5” unfinished block and two 6.5” unfinished blocks.  As we progress in the Quilt Along and get more blocks I’ll show you different things you can do with your smaller blocks to fit them into your quilt and create even more interest.

The next block shown was from Amy’s Creative Side and she chose ‘Road to Oklahoma’ for her block.

12.5 inch Road to OklahomaHere is my 12.5” block.   It went together quickly and I love it!

four 6.5" 'road to oklahoma' blocks


On Amy’s tutorial post she showed a few different layouts that you could do with the ‘Road to Oklahoma’ Block.  I fell in love with the first layout she showed.  I wanted to make my 4 ‘mini’ 6.5” blocks into that.

4 blocks, Option 1 Here’s what the four laid out in the pattern I loved looks like.  Turns out…the way I positioned my fabrics (which I really like) just don’t really do that much for me in this layout.  4 6.5-inch blocks, Layout 2So I started playing. Here’s another option…I like it – it’s a star with sort of a frame around it… 4 6.5-inch blocks, Layout 3

A third layout I tried. I like the crazy center. This one I have the the green and grey backgrounds kiddie corner of each other.  I did like it but I wanted to just play with one other option before I made my decision.  4 6.5-inch blocks, Layout 4


Here are the blocks laid out with the green backgrounds adjacent to one another and the grey backgrounds adjacent to each other.


Road to OklahomaI decided that I liked the fourth layout the best and I sewed my four 6.5” blocks together to make one more 12.5” blocks!


Now let’s peak at a summary of what’s happening with other peoples’ blocks in the Flickr Group!

Free Form Log Cabin’ Blocks

Free Form Log Cabin Blocks for the 'My Favorite Block Quilt Along'
1. 397697_4533667617478_955595089_n, 2. my favorite block log cabin 6 inch, 3. my favorite block log cabin 12 inch, 4. scrap a long #1, 5. 14835_4533639336771_1992615064_n, 6. Log Cabin, 7. My Favorite Block Log Cabin Block, 8. IMG_1515[1], 9. Log cabin block, 10. 20130120_140836, 11. 2013-01-20 13.20.57, 12. 1. Block My favorite Block QAL, 13. Favorite Block Quilt Along #1, 14. P1040185, 15. My Free Form Log Cabin Block, 16. 1st Clemson square, 17. log-cabin-2, 18. log-cabin-1, 19. 12.5" log cabin block, 20. 6.5 log cabin, 21. 6.5" log cabin Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Road to Oklahoma Blocks

Road To Oklahoma blocks created from AmysCreativeSide's Tutorial for the 'My Favorite Block' Quilt Along

1. Block 2, 2. 2013-01-21 15.06.21, 3. My Favorite Block Quilt Along Block #2, 4. Road to OK-Favorite block #2, 5. 20130120_140819 (1), 6. 2. Block My favorite Block QAL, 7. qal-block2-12inch, 8. qal-block2-6inch, 9. Orange Dots, 10. Favorite Block Quilt Along #2, 11. Fav Bk along #2, 12. Block 2 Road to Oklahoma --- NEW Re Stitched Block, 13. 264148_4548129339012_1056946823_n, 14. road to OK 12 inch, 15. road to OK 6 inch, 16. P1040184, 17. Road to Oklahoma, 18. 12.5 inch Road to Oklahoma Created with fd's Flickr Toys




What do you think of the blocks so far?  Do you have a color scheme you’re really digging?  Have I influenced you enough to have you join in yet?


PS.  Did you see latest Project QUILTING Challenge – My Favorite Color?


  1. your blocks are gorgeous!! Thank you for all the ideas :-)). I love this Quilt along! :-)

  2. Beautiful blocks, it really looks like you are having fun with the quilt alongs! Thanks for sharing.
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