Project QUILTING – My Favorite Color Entries & Sunday Sewing Haiku

WOW!  Again – for the second challenge in a row I’ve been BLOWN AWAY!  Fifty–three incredible quilts were made for the latest challenge – My Favorite Color.  I’m so amazed by all the talent, dedication, and support from this group of quilters!  Thank you so much for joining in on my fun idea.

Here’s an overview of all the pieces made for the ‘My Favorite Color Challenge’.

Quilts Created for the Second Project QUILTING Challenge - My Favorite Color Projects Created for the Second Project QUILTING Challenge - My Favorite Color

1. Project QUILTING logo large, 2. 321024_4577482312818_1625133801_n, 3. Quilting Project #2, 4. Going Pink, 5. Rift - close up, 6. Winter Melody 008, 7. Canyon Star, 8. color2 ch 2 SIMPLESEW Beach BLUES, 9. Remembering the Jersey Shore, 10. For Where Your Heart Is..., 11. My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag, 12. A Little Blue, 13. I Heart Camilla!!, 14. Kiragami Flake Pillow, 15. Herringbone Cushion cover, 16. Chasing the Winter Blues, 17. pink in a blink, 18. Texting from the Heart, 19. "Fency Eating", 20. Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory!, 21. Snowy Day - Finished, 22. Polka Dot Passion - another block, 23. GEDC0563, 24. Sailing Away, 25. Mountain Mist Fabric Mosaic - detail, 26. project quilt fav. color2, 27. Blue is My Favorite  set two 1. Path to my Heart, 2. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2, 3. Trippin' in Aqua, 4. Sweet Maggie Love, 5. Pink Weed Whacker, 6. close up of Ombré Quilt, 7. The Blue Asterisk, 8. Priewe Red, 9. Ocean Waves 2, 10. Doodles in Teal, 11. XOXO close-up, 12. Project Quilting: challenge 2 "Chevy green", 13. Red Love Quilt - Sally's Angelworks, 14. blåvitväskaframsida, 15. Pink Rainbow By Kerrie, 16. Favorite Color - red, 17. Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2, 18. PQ - 2 Pink Spinning Stars, 19. Quilted Gum Wrapper Chains with Plates, 20. Wonky love, 21. Blue Baby Blue, 22. "three ladies" for project quilting's my favorite color challenge. the finished piece is 27"x9" and was inspired by a mannequin I have hanging in my craft room! these girls are made entirely of scraps. my name is Erin Z and I live and create in central Pe, 23. Princess in Pink, 24. shamrockmedallion2, 25. Nancy's Pinwheels, 26. Purple Dreams, 27. 003 Created with fd's Flickr Toys




My girls will be choosing the prize winners later this afternoon and I’ll do the post for tomorrow, 1/28.  Throughout the week I’ll be doing ‘Closer Looks’ posts for all the quilts – make sure to add your story if it’s not there already!

I would love to hear which quilt is your favorite this week!

AND Share your blog posts on your FINISHED Project QUILTING Quilts in the Linky below!

Because I don’t want to bother you with THREE posts today I am including my ‘Sunday Sewing Haiku’ at the bottom of this one:



Whir goes the machine

my nerves calm down and peace falls

quilting therapy


  1. Well, I couldn't possibly name a favorite this week. I loved so many. I have narrowed it down to about 5-6. I have 3 that top my long list of favorites list for this week. They are Winter Melody, Gum Wrapper chain, doodles in teal, Rise and shine, Ocean waves, Ombre, Mountain Mist. Oops, I can't even narrow it down to 3. They are all so lovely and unique. There is something I like about each and every one, weather it be color, design, or technique.

  2. [...] you want to see more of the project quilting submission you can go here.  There will be a drawing tonight…hopefully I will win something if not….maybe next [...]


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