Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color: A Closer Look, Part 1

Last week for the closer looks I split the quilts into groups of about six quilts…that was 9 posts in about 5 days.  This week I’m going to split them into groups of 8 or 9 to keep the ‘Closer Looks’ down to about 6 posts.  I hope this works for everyone but your feedback is appreciated!

A Closer Look at 9 Project QUILTING 'My Favorite Color' Pieces
1. 321024_4577482312818_1625133801_n, 2. Quilting Project #2, 3. Going Pink, 4. Rift - close up, 5. Winter Melody 008, 6. Canyon Star, 7. color2 ch 2 SIMPLESEW Beach BLUES, 8. Remembering the Jersey Shore, 9. For Where Your Heart Is... Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: Cotton n Lace


'Ebony And Ivory'

by Amanda Reid
Made in South Africa
size 28'x24'

I decided to do something with this stash I have had for some know!...but it goes soooo well with white...anybody likes black and was so different for a change..really enjoyed doing this...(is now 3am here!) not too great...silly little phone camera..I also love appliqué so this was ideal...I am not too pro with the quilting but at least can get more into it with these challenges!!


Quilter: vroomansquilts

Quilting Project #2

‘Muse in Blue’

Favorite color challenge - I love blue - the lounging ladies are a dark navy blue print on blue, blue swirl, blue leaf and white/white. Used the Lounging Ladies for the binding. Tutorial for block is on my


Quilter: Mama Eggo

Going Pink

Going Pink

Pink scrappy patchwork quilted bib
Front is cotton, back is flannel, with an extra layer of flannel inside for added absorbency and thickness

Made for Project QUILTING - Cycle 4, Challenge 2 - "My favorite color"

I'm awful with favorites, but lately I LOVE pink and have been adding it to my wardrobe and sewing LOTS of pink in preparation for my SGK 3-day walk and an upcoming auction to help me reach my fundraising minimum. This bib will be in that auction!

I sew / create in my Cosmopolis, WA home when my kiddos allow me some "free time"


Quilter: KrisTMJ

Rift -'something wicked this way comes'

Rift - something wicked this way comes

This is a 13.25 x 17.25 size wall-hanging. This piece I am not sure if I want to say inspired by but it is a culmination of some frustrating things that are happening in my family. I really don't know how it came out in a quilt especially one that had me thinking happy thoughts about my favorite colors. It just came out and there it was. There happens to be 12 vertical lines that represent my family members, 10 horizontal lines that are my siblings only. 3 darker green lines vertically represent the 3 deceased (most recently my mother) with her line being torn away by one seemingly innocent sister that has an unbroken vertical line through the whole family. All I know is I did not plan a thing I just found this odd fat quarter that I like to call 'poison green' and started slashing and sewing. I did not get much sleep but when I looked at it in the morning it was all there in my eyes. I hope this will be a bit cathartic when I look at it in the future but I am not sure. On a good note I tried several techniques that I have never done before. I am pretty proud of how it all turned out. Just whiling away in nebraska wondering what will just pop up on my sewing table. ??


Quilter: HeartSoulMindandStrength

Winter Melody 008

Winter Melody

Since I live in AuGres, Michigan, winter gets long and I don't do cold very well. This year I am trying to turn the negative into a positive. I've realized that I'm thankful for a warm house and I've found that snow and icy ponds really are pretty when viewed from a warm cozy place. Every year we have a lone Canadian goose who seems to want to prove he doesn't have to fly south to warmer weather. This table runner is a tribute to that rebel goose! (notice my one flying geese block pieced into this bargello style table runner). Winter Melody is 11x19 1/2.


Quilter: liashandmades

Canyon Star

Canyon Star

Entry for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 2 "My Favourite Colour"

My entry this week consists of a lot of firsts. It's the first time I tried paper piecing, which was one of my goals for 2013, following the Dreamweaver pattern by Peggy Martin from her Craftsy Course "Quick Strip Paper Piecing". The other first was making and using my own piping, which I've done to give this pillow case just the extra bit of more colour.

The reason I called it Canyon Star is because of the colour of the batik fabric, it reminds me of the sand of the Grand Canyon. I used brown as my favourite colour because I'm addicted to all earthy and fall like shades. I like working with them the most.

This pillow case was created in Heide, Germany with fabrics from my stash. It measures 40 x 40 cm (16" x 16").

I am blogging at


Quilter: SimpleSew

color2 ch 2 SIMPLESEW Beach BLUES


I made 2 Sausage Pillow Cases in Rowan Coral Reef fabric for Case, Clothworks Spring Umbrella for the cuff, Kona Blue for the accent. size is 23x45 . Shirley Tener , Arlington, Texas.
What makes this a great pattern is that it uses French Seams to enclose all Seams.


Quilter: njerzgal

Remembering the Jersey Shore

"Remembering the Jersey Shore"

I grew up on the shore, literally. I spent most of my life at the beach. I hope you can see the girl on the lounge, bikini proud.
My favorite color is yellow and I immediately thought of making a sun..or bananas. Sun won.  I tried many new things, dresden, applique, etc. I create in our new home in Payson, IL


Quilter: WayMooreFunQuilts

For Where Your Heart Is...

For Where Your Heart Is...

"For Where Your Heart Is, There Will Your Treasure Be Also" - my favorite color is red and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate this color. It is about 12 in sq. It was made in Tucson, Arizona


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