Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color, A Closer Look, Part 4

Happy Thursday everyone!  I can’t believe that today is the last day of January!  (Happy Birthday to Diane, btw)  Last night, before I fell asleep I was thinking, as a result of two Project QUILTING Challenges over 100 quilts have already been created in 2013!  Isn’t that just incredible!?  I think it is.  Now, let’s take a closer look at nine of those quilts and hear the stories behind them…

9 quilts created for the 'My Favorite Color' Project QUILTING Challenge
1. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2, 2. Trippin' in Aqua, 3. Sweet Maggie Love, 4. Pink Weed Whacker, 5. close up of Ombré Quilt, 6. The Blue Asterisk, 7. Priewe Red, 8. Ocean Waves 2, 9. Doodles in Teal Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: Unconventional Katie

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2

Blue Improv

Size: 4"x6"
Created in Moorhead, MN

I didn't have as much time to sew this week so I went with a smaller piece. Improv sewing is something I don't do easily so I challenged myself to just pick random scraps to just sew. The binding was also found in my scrap bin. It was a good experiment but I'm not sure if this will be a go-to method for me.


Quilter: Carlotta Jean

Trippin' in Aqua

Trippin' in Aqua

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 2: My Favorite Color

Trippin' in Aqua was made in Dodge City, Kansas and is 48" x 48".

I've been sewing like a mad woman to get this finished. I wasn't planning on a larger quilt, but as I made blocks, I fell in love. I only wish I had time to make it bigger.

I was inspired by the quilt along over at

My plan was to use my aqua scraps and incorporate the quilt along with this challenge. My mind was changed with the first block and I decided to go with the trip around the world.


Quilter: The Thimblemouse

Sweet Maggie Love

Sweet Maggie Love

Made for "Project Quilting" (Season 4 - Challenge 2)
In Memory of our sweet girl Maggie who passed away Jan. 23, 2013 - mini quilt is 9.5"x15"


Quilter: KKrieg

Pink Weed Whacker

Pink Weed Whacker

My name is Kathy and I quilt in Chandler Arizona. This quilt is 25 x 25in. and made using a pattern from Quiltville. I then pieced the corners and put appliquéd squares on the border. Beads added the finishing touch.


Quilter: Solar Threads

Ombré Quilt

Project Quilting 2013 challenge 2. My favorite color is purple, but I wanted to use scraps or fabric that I had on hand, and blue was what I had the most of. I've been wanting to make an "Ombré" quilt for several months now, and this challenge was exactly what I needed to motivate me to do it! It's 22 by 17 inches, made in Pendleton Oregon. I also used an "invisible binding" for the first time, and loved the result!! Blogged about here: -finish.html


Quilter: Miranda’s Place

The Blue Asterisk

The Blue Asterisk

I'm Miranda and I quilt in Atlanta, Ga. I loved this challenge and wanted to do something fun. I saw this block on Craftsy and knew this would be a great way to showcase my favorite color.


Quilter: Quilt Chicken

Priewe Red

Priewe Red

My name is Trisha Frankland and I live in Lodi Wisconsin. My dad's family has a signature color - we call it "Priewe red" to distinguish it from lesser colors! I was determined to accomplish this project without making a purchase - but finding red and white with no other color was a bigger challenge than I'd thought (I dug deep in this stash dive - one fabric had a 2000 copyright on the selvage edge). This 11" x 40" table runner is based on the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s recent tutorial on an alternate use for The Binding Tool - but of course, I changed things up quite a bit too. The quilting is a random, straight line, off-centered echoes of the blocks in white thread.


Quilter: SusiQuiltsEtsy

Ocean Waves 2

This is my first entry in Project Quilting! These shades of teal are my current favorite color - the colors of the ocean. I had some small pieces of these batiks that were left over from another project, so I used them to make this candle mat in the appropriately named block "ocean waves." The size is about 10" square. This photo shows the true colors of the fabrics, but unfortunately doesn't pick up the detail of the quilting. I machine-quilted tight stippling in all the white sections and quilted three rows of gentle waves in the borders. (You can see the quilting detail in the second photo.) I create in Menifee, CA.


Quilter: Diane Lapacek

Doodles in Teal

Doodles in Teal

Made for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 2.

Kim challenged me to complete this challenge this week. I dream up these challenges...I don't usually do them. So I was at the Wisconsin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference on Monday and Tuesday and found myself doodling. I decided this was a quilt that needed to be made, so I came home and drew it bigger on a piece of freezer paper. After raiding my stash, I decided I needed more teal fabrics, particularly in medium and lighter shades, so I pulled out some of my green scraps and over-dyed them. I used paper piecing, straight and curved piecing and appliqué to complete the top then added free motion quilting.

Finished size is 18" x 24".

Made by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.


More ‘closer looks’ coming soon…


  1. I love seeing so many different quilts that have been created with just the direction of "my favorite color". SO many creative quilters out there!

  2. So true! Every challenge is so neat to see how everyone interpretted it differently!

  3. Love all the projects. It is always such fun to see others vision in what they put together. For me, it is impossible to pick a favorite, as each has something special.


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