Project QUILTING, A Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 6

Happy Friday! I’m happy to be sharing with you six more amazing quilts that were created in just one week for the Square in a Square Challenge!  Don’t forget to decide on your favorite quilt from this challenge, follow AnnieYoungArts blog and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post (HERE) to win an amazing print of one of her pieces. Today is your last chance to get in on this amazing Giveaway!Project QUILTING Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 6
1. Spring Squared, 2. Things aren't alway the way they appear, 3. Jen's Project QUILTING 'Square in A Square' Challenge Entry, 4. Bloom, 5. Finished Quilt 21x21, 6. LaLa Closeup Block Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: MirandasPlace

Spring Squared

Spring Squared

I'm Miranda and I quilt in Atlanta, Ga. I made a large quilt with this fabric and some left overand wanted to do something with it. This challenge was a great way to use up the scraps. It measures 15X15.


Quilter: everything quilts

Things aren't alway the way they appear

Things aren't always the way they appear

"Things aren't always the way they appear" I was inspired by the spiraling stained glass windows I had seen in a pic. The windows are square but not when viewing them from below. Made in my home sweet home state of Kentucky Blogged here

Forgot to mention that it measures 16"x17" This was a fun project and learned some things I would do differently. One being that I would have quilted the pebbles before adding the windows because getting between those to quilt was tricky. And looking at it now I wish I had not stitched the line below the windows but over all I am very pleased with it and it will hang in my sewing room, if I don't end up making a pillow out of it.


Quilter: Another Jennifer Making Stuff

Jen's Project QUILTING 'Square in A Square' Challenge Entry


I saw the announcement for the challenge on the Madison Modern Quilting Guild FB feed and was inspired by the beautiful quilt in the picture. When I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. My original plan was to make a rug for my bathroom in the basement (Exciting, I know). But I ended up making it 4 inches too big. So it's a very odd size: 44X44. I was about ready to give up when I realized that but my son said it would make an excellent super hero power up blanket. I was like: what? But, that's all it took to get me working on it again. I finished while at a mom's retreat over the weekend and gave it to my son as he seems to know what to do with it. It was really fun to do and I hope the next challenge is as awesome. My blog is here, I would love to share it.  Made in Madison, WI.


Quilter: Bev Ann



I'm Bev Ann and I'm in Brazos Country TX. This is my first quilt and first challenge. It's a 9" sq. wall hanging. I painted the flower be fore quilting. I joined this challenge force myself to try new things, to learn to quilt including a binding! and to experience my word for the year - Bloom! Fun, but lots to learn and definitely a challenge!


Quilter:  Thimblemouse Design

Finished Quilt 21x21

Wonky Gypsy Squares

Finished Quilt 21x21

Project Quilting Square in a Square Entry - Wonky Gypsy Squares

Quilter: Feeding the Dogs

Challenge 1 - Square in a Square

La La


Every Quilt Has A Story
This is the story of “LaLa”

LaLa was born into a low to middle class family ( her mom found her at Big – Lots ) in the winter of 2012 in New York. From the moment her mom saw her lying there all alone and half unraveled, (a poor single jelly roll with some of her strips missing being held together with packing tape ! ) she knew that LaLa was going to be something special, for how could she ever be considered dull. So her mom took her home with her where she was carefully laid out and cared for ( ironed and carefully wrapped ). For weeks her mom watched her and wondered what LaLa was going to be when she was all grown up ( her mom had no clue what to make with a partial jelly roll ) . Finally it was decided thought that LaLa would make an excellent square in a square quilt. And so it was that her mom carefully groomed her and trimmed her up ( ironed again and cut the strips to make wonderful square in a square blocks ). LaLa hated this idea. Her mom tried over and over to explain to LaLa that she needed to follow the rules of being a perfect little square in a square, just like all the other square in a square quilts before her, but LaLa would have none of it ! Every time her mom tried to make her be a square, LaLa would throw herself on the floor , or roll her pieces around on the table and completely mix her pieces up. Many a time in those first few days did her mother have to rip her a new one ( with her seam ripper ) and yell and get frustrated with LaLa, she even threatened to throw her into a UFO box and be done with her forever. For one whole day her mother refused to even look at her, for she was so frustrated with her little jelly roll not wanting to follow the rules and be like all the other good little quilts. It was then that her mother realized that no matter what she tried or how she turned her pieces, LaLa was never going to be a square in a square, but at that same time, her mother had another realization. Her mother realized that LaLa was behaving just like a child, and that no matter what dreams and aspirations we have for our children, it will be our children that decide their own futures. We just need to hold onto the hope that we raised them well ( with straight and neat ¼ inch seams ) and then cross our fingers that they make the right decisions for themselves. For no matter how many times we rip them ' a new one' , or scream and yell at them, quilts, like children, will never be anything other then what they were always supposed to be to begin with. Turns out, LaLa wanted to be a wall hanging, tho you can still see her square in a square beginnings, she too ended up being just what she was always supposed to be … herself !

LaLa finished up at 27.5 inches across and 41 inches from the top to the tip of her point.

I added a hanging sleeve to her back to make her easier to hang ( tho as you can see from the pictures I do not have a place to hang her in our shoebox of an apartment )

I used a medium weight fleece for her batting to give her some weight to aid in her hanging.

She was named LaLa due to the fact that I pictured her as a child with her hands covering her ears screaming " La La La La I can't hear you " every time I tried to tell her to be a square in a square !

She was ' born' in Dover Plains , NY




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