Project QUILTING, A Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 9

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m so excited to be heading to quilt with some other women in my town ALL DAY today!  My parents were gracious enough to come down, take my girls to gymnastics and then bring them home with them until MONDAY!  EEEK!  I’m going to get SO MUCH DONE!  Can’t wait (although I will definitely miss them…but I’M GOING TO GET SO MUCH DONE!).  This is the last Closer Look post for the first challenge.  I know some may have started the challenge and not finished or didn’t post in time (remember – quilts are due at NOON).  Please post your finished quilts in flickr anyway!  We still want to see what you came up with!  Later today I’ll announce who wins the print from Annie Young Arts and then tomorrow, the second Challenge goes up at Noon!

Alright – let’s take one more ‘Closer Look’:
***Please note – quilts that were not posted in time or complete (with the exception of technical difficulty and I knew they were complete) were not entered into the random drawing prize.  We still want to see them though!

Project QUILTING Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 9
1. "Marcia Squared", 2. project quilt squre in squre dog bed, 3. Inspired, 4. Squares with heart pillow2, 5. All Boxed In, 6. Pat Lester Bell's Project QUILTING Entry, 7. Front of "A Bird in A Box", 8. Magic Square 1 Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

"Marcia Squared"

"Marcia Squared"

Quilted Tablecloth created for the Project Quilting Season Four Challenge ONE -- Square in a Square.

Marcia Wachuta
Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting
Boscobel, Wisconsin

I chose to use different sizes of squares in the centers of my blocks to create an offset look. Light centers, medium light blue for one side and then a medium blue for the other two sides. Then a dark blue for the lattice strips. I staggered my blocks in each row to offset those too! finishing the outside with a medium blue border and binding to complete my quilted tablecloth.
I choose to work with blues because it is comfortable for me for the first challenge.

I will be posting more photos on my blog tonight or tomorrow with all my blue dishes.
I shared the construction of my blocks and quilt - here:


Quilter: ImaParadoxTu

project quilt squre in squre dog bed

project quilt square in square dog bed

A dog bed stuffed with my sewing scraps.

I used a lot of fleece scraps {for stuffing}  from no sew blankets I made, so Its not terribly heavy. :]
Also, I did the center print squares so that they will fray when I wash it to give it a more rugged look.
I made this in my home in Georgia, USA.


Quilter: Donna Dueck



My name is Donna Dueck and this is my very first quilt project, It's not perfect but I am very proud that I finished it.

Created at home, lol, I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I started sewing this yesterday, because I couldn't decide what to create. So I finally decided to do something simple, I am a novice :) I decided to add the ribbon to break up the all green batik from the multi color one to give it more definition. I ran out of the yellow ribbon so I added the circles to fill in the empty spot. I think it turned out pretty good. I learned a lot doing this challenge, the next one I hope to do more "quilting" , not just stitch in the ditch. It is 18" square, I think I'll name it Inspired.


Quilter:  Carlotta Jean

Squares with heart pillow2

Squares with heart pillow

I made this for the Project Quilting Challenge. I create in Dodge City, Kansas. This is a 14" pillow. My inspiration was the log cabin. I've been busy making wonky log cabin blocks and having a blast. I made this a little wonky and quiilted it even a little wonkier. There is a square in every square with a little heart boxed in. I've never made a pillow before and wanted to challenge myself with that. I finished it so that I can remove it off the pillow to wash it or change it..


Quilter: Pat Lester Bell

Pat Lester Bell's Project QUILTING Entry

Created in Cape Girardeau, MO. Waiting for you to post the project my husband and I were talking about what it might be and the first thing he said was "what about squares"? Told him I thought it would be a broader topic, but if it was squares I would try something along these lines as I want to make a quilt similar to this but with 4 units making up each block.


Quilter:  PrettyLadyBaby

Front of "A Bird in A Box"

A Bird in A Box

Name of Quilt: A Bird in A Box
Size: 27 inches by 27 inches
Made in Atlanta Ga
Inspiration : I would say I have been through a long creative process. This block started to be a bag for another quilt I am making but I absolutely loved the way the block turned out and decided to give this block a greater purpose. This quilt will be used as a car seat quilt, to keep baby warm....see the ties!

More info:


Quilter: Stephie Stories

Magic Square 1

Magic Squares

I'm Stephanie from Iowa. This is Magic Squares table runner. I didn't get this quilted and finished so it can't be considered for the drawing but I still wanted to share it with you!
I have been struggling with some personal issues and haven't sewn anything for more than six months. This challenge gave me the push to pull out my machine and work on something new. Thanks for that!


Quilter: Lynthemuse

All Boxed In

All Boxed In

I have really been looking forward to this challenge but my dad died last week and although I got the quilt top done I just haven't been able to work on quilting it until today. I just wanted to post what I had done so that I could be part of the group. Hopefully I can totally finish the next challenge.
I am from Washington state and I have been quilting forever!

Having this challenge to work on has been very therapeutic for me. As I sit and quilt it I find I am stitching memories into this quilt that will stay with me forever.




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