Project QUILTING, A Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look at Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Make a Wish'

24" x 35.5"

When I saw that square in a square was the challenge my first thought was that I needed to cut out a square in the quilt. I always hate when my mind tells me that I need to cut into a finished always hurts my stomach because I'm never sure I'll be able to put it back together the way my mind is seeing it.

Make a WishI started out by looking through my fabrics for something that caught my eye for the whole 'square in a square' idea. I finally settled on the dandelion fabrics I photographed, edited, and printed via spoonflower. I then found some green/grey/gold/black fabrics to compliment them. I find this color combo sort of dream like...which I'm loving. Next, I pieced everything into a more modern square in a square pattern, using the dandelion prints as the centers of the squares.

Make a Wish

I quilted the piece using metallic gold thread and some green thread in a square-y 'straight line' design. Next step - bind the quilt.

Now it was time to cut my square out. I cut out a decent size square from the lower right corner of the quilt. From the square I cut out I cut a half inch of all sides of that square. Then I bound the interior cut out square (not easy) and the smaller square - super easier. The next step - I beaded the square back into the spot leaving some negative space and lots of crystal sparkle. I couldn't stop there - I sewed a few more crystals on, square ones of course, in seven sets of three around the quilt top.Make a Wish

It was done! What do you think?

Created by Kim Lapacek PersimonDreams, in Poynette, WI, for the 1st Project QUILTING Challenge of Season 4: Square in a Square,

Make a Wish - ENTRY


The next challenge will be posted within the hour!


  1. Love your block/square in a square! The dandelions are spectacular!

  2. Really clever idea, and fantastic use of the dandelion pieces.

  3. I agree with the others. Your dandelions are spectacular. The whole work is beautiful. Also like the idea of square in a square. I didn't realize how many different ways it could be made. Great work from everyone.


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