Project QUILTING, A Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 7

Good afternoon everyone! I’m happy to be sharing with you six more amazing quilts that were created in just one week for the Square in a Square Challenge!  Don’t forget to decide on your favorite quilt from this challenge, follow AnnieYoungArts blog and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post (HERE) to win an amazing print of one of her pieces. Today is your last chance to get in on this amazing Giveaway!Project QUILTING, Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 7
1. One Anothers Quilt - Sally's Angelworks, 2. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 1 Detail, 3. Square in a square in a square, 4. 100_4542, 5. 2013-01-13 10.14.59, 6. square square dot dot Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter:  Sally’s Angelworks

One Anothers Quilt - Sally's Angelworks

One Anothers Quilt - Sally's Angelworks

This is a long wish of mine to have a quilt that highlights all of the different mentions in the Bible of "One Anothers" or Each Other". The Greek word for this (one another or each other) is Allelous (that's the American version....see my middle quilt block for the Greek spelling!!) So in order to highlight the Greek word, I made the quilt a square with the middle block with the Greek text.

Then I took 41 other squares and created a square in a square in a square. The second square (in a square in a square) is made up of gorgeous white Moda Bella Solid and was very fun to write on!! :) I used a pigment pen to write all of the scriptures.

The inner and outer squares are from the same line, Posy, by Aneela Hoey! For the remaining 7 squares, I fussy cut Posy in the second square size and framed it with random patterns from the same line.

I will have a free tutorial for this sweet little quilt in the January Intrepid Thread Newsletter. Feel free to hop on over to the blog for more info!! Sally's Angelworks

This quilt measures 39"x39" and was created in Texas!!!


Quilter: Unconventional Katie

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 1

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 1

Created in Moorhead, MN. Dimensions are 22" x 22".

I wanted to play with both versions of this block and also use the blocks to form a larger image.

I used Kona cottons for this. The moon is a pale yellow (hard to capture in the lighting today). The other colors used are yellow, pale blue, true blue, navy, dark gray, and black. It's quilted with a denim thread in the sky and a gray for the buildings.

This is my latest attempt at machine sewn binding. I hate this result and will probably go back and hand sew the binding on.

The batting I used is some I got on sale and will not buy again as it leaves a lot of lint.


Quilter: Christie, Describe Happy

Times Square

Times Square

Project quilting challenge for Season 4: challenge 1, Square within a square within a square -- complete! This piece is about 20 by 12. I started with the colorful squares in the background, then you will see several raw edge squares secured with embroidery stitches. I was inspired by Sashiko stitching for these. And then I've been interested in trying "quilting on air" a process where you cut whole in your layered quilt and then sew over the opening to create a spider web look. So scary and so fun!! I could see using that technique again!! Thanks, Christie from New York.

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Quilter: the gift garden

Spring has Sprung (in a square)

Spring has Sprung (in a square)

I am in Richlands, NC and this is my first challenge ever! This table runner was my thrid desing. The first was way too intricate. The second was a potholder but when I made two of these squares, I decided I wanted to keep going.


Quilter: hookedonquilting

2013-01-13 10.14.59

Valentine's Day

18 x 18 wall hanging


Quilter: LuckyDuckDreams

square square dot dot

square square dot dot

where: Lewisville, NC
what: table runner
size: 18 x 60
inspiration: Its all caraquilts fault. That and jaybirdquilts. caraquilts had to have persimondreams on #talknt last Tuesday. jaybirdquilts had to send me her scraps. Yes its all their fault. oh and I guess I got a seed of an idea that wouldn't go away and just had to be made. though it didn’t come out like the picture in my head. not sure what that says for my head. First I pulled a pile of scraps in the light greens, oranges, and yellows. I played with the scraps for a few days pulling some smaller scraps to serve as focal points-the center square. I worked from this pile of scraps, pulling our more as needed. Especially more neutrals or solid likes to offset some of the busyness of the the various dot prints. I totally improvised as I went along, fitting the design to the size of my scraps. I didn’t even have a finished product in mind exactly. First I was thinking it would be a pillow, then doll quilt, and now its a table runner! Its a very happy quilt though we have had nothing but fog since Friday so there is not much light for the pictures.




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