Project QUILTING Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 1

With the incredible turnout of projects for the Square in a Square Challenge I want to take a little time to highlight each persons work closer.  With over 50 quilts to look at this week I’m going to break the groups down into 6 quilts per post.  I hope you enjoy looking at them!  Don’t forget to decide on your favorite quilt from this challenge, follow AnnieYoungArts blog and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post (HERE) to win an amazing print of one of her pieces.

Project QUILTING - A Closer Look, Part 1
1. JanuaryBlues, 2. Squared³ - Project Quilting - Season 4 - Week 1, 3. SquareinaSquare-Blanket-I'mFeelin'Crafty, 4. 734293_4499381480346_1916426647_n, 5. TR sis a2, 6. Detail of Square2 Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter:  stipplequilt


January Blues

Read the story behind ‘stipplequilts’ piece on her blog, Freemotion by the River



Quilter: liashandmades

Squared³ - Project Quilting - Season 4 - Week 1

Squared³ - Project Quilting - Season 4 - Week 1

This is my Entry for the 1st Project Quilting Challenge, Season 4, called “A square in a a square” and I called this project “Squared³”

I kept it simple due to a current busy schedule and created a set of potholders with square blocks and also using some gingham fabric. These potholders were created with fabrics from my stash and made in Heide, Germany and it’s the first time I made potholders that had a square shape, I usually make fruit shapes :)

They measure 22,5 x 22,5 (9” x 9”) square, pun intended ;)



Quilter: I'm Feelin Crafty


1 Square, 2 Square, Dotty Square, Blue Square!

My first quilt for Project Quilting Season 4

From Seattle, WA and it's 32x32 inches

Blogged about it here.



Quilter: Cotton N Lace


‘Look Squarely’

Hi...Im Amanda from South Africa...I named this quilt for The Square in a Square,,in a square challenge "Look Squarely" because of the 'trick of the eyes' due to the middle 'floating' square....sorry pics are not too measures 22"x22" square (ish)..



Quilter: Kathy Kinsella

TR sis a2

"Just a Twist"

This is my square in a square entry for Project Quilting .... this is quite a departure from my usual form of quilting and it was fun to take on a project this week that I can now use. I used the pottery tumblers in the photo when choosing the colour palette and am delighted with the modern finish to the wonky blocks that I made. This table runner will reside in my home in British Columbia, Canada.



Quilter: Solar Threads


Square within a square

My first 2013 Project Quilting challenge, "Square within a square". It's 15" by 15", made with batiks from my stash, and free motion quilted by me, Becky, from Pendleton, Oregon. It's based on a sign I saw a few years ago that I knew I someday wanted to make into a quilt. Now it is!! Blogged about here: ished.html


I’ll post more ‘Closer Looks’ soon!  Goodnight everyone!


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