Project QUILTING, A Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 8

I was going to wait until I got home from ‘eating in public’ as my girls like to say when we go for dinner, but I’m afraid I will forget so I’m posting now.  Here are six, well five actually – you’ll see what I did below, more amazing quilts that were created in just one week for the Square in a Square Challenge!  Don’t forget to decide on your favorite quilt from this challenge, follow AnnieYoungArts blog and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post (HERE) to win an amazing print of one of her pieces. Today is your last chance to get in on this amazing Giveaway!

Project QUILTING Square in a Square Challenge, A Closer Look Part 8
1. Times Square, 2. As much as I enjoy making quilts that my loves can snuggle in, #artquilting feeds a part of my soul like nothing else.. #inktense #lumiere, 3. Erin Z's Entry for the Square in a Square Project QUILTING Challenge, 4. Terry T's - Square Tweet Close UP, 5. bubblegumsquaredance1, 6. Project Quilting 1-13 - Set Your Sails Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Ooops!  I thought my numbers didn’t make sense…seems like I showed Describe Happy’s ‘Times Square’ in two mosaics!  You can see her closer look HERE.  Sorry about that!

Quilter:  All Things Belle

And "Church Squares" is done, just making the deadline for #projectquilting #artquilting #inktense #lumiere

“Church Squares"

I'm Jennifer Rodriguez and and I create in West Jordan, UT. "Church Squares" is an 8.5" square art quilt. It was inspired by our beautiful church that is adorned with square stain glass windows. It was created with raw applique, Inktense pencils, Lumiere paint, and thread painting.


Quilter: Erin Z

Erin Z's Entry for the Square in a Square Project QUILTING Challenge

Simple Squares

My name is Erin and I am new to project quilting. My submission for this week is a crib quilt named "simple squares." The quilt itself is a 32"X32" square, and it was inspired by a larger antique tie quilt I found at the salvation army a few years ago, with the same pattern. The larger quilt is white with red binding and red ties, and the squares appear to be made of scraps. It is probably for a king-sized bed, and I got it for about $5.00 at the thrift store! Pieces of it are tattered and ripped away, but I think it's beautiful. I would happily provide a picture if you would like to see it.

I am a mom and an ER nurse in central Pennsylvania.


Quilter: Terry T

Terry T's - Square Tweet for the Project QUILTLING Square in a Square Challenge

Square Tweet

When I decided to do this challenge, I committed to myself that I would not buy fabric to complete this challenge but instead use just what I had. I also want to use fabric from completed projects. So I went on my room and took the first box off my top shelf, not knowing what I would get. Here is my "Square Tweet" quilt. Pieces left over from a charm blanket I did. And one of the first pieces I have ever tried FMQ on. And I finished it at 3 this morning. Lol. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the challenge!!!


Quilter: Quilties

Bubblegum Square Dance

Bubblegum Square Dance

My entry for Project Quilting 4:1. I had these two yummy pink and brown stripe fabrics that I knew would make good square in a square pieces, so that's where I started. Then I chose a few good coordinating solids and started the squares dancing! When they were all nicely composed, this is what became of the dance!

28" Square quilt made by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, Urbandale


Quilter: Pamela Quilts

Project Quilting 1-13 - Set Your Sails

Set Your Sails

This is the front of my challenge piece. Working from my stash, I chose a piece of red yardage and used all of that, deciding that would limit the size of my quilt. I used a Square in a Square ruler to cut my blocks, super easy! For the whites and the blues I used various pieces from my stash to give the quilt a little more life. This is a very traditional style square in a square quilt. It measures 44 x 58 and was made by me in Coos Bay, OR.




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