Project QUILTING,My Favorite Color; A Closer Look, Part 2

Let’s take a closer look at eight more of the great projects created for the ‘My Favorite Color’ Project QUILTING Challenge.

8 projects from the 2nd challenge of Project QUILTING - My Favorite Color 1. My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag, 2. A Little Blue, 3. I Heart Camilla!!, 4. Herringbone Cushion cover, 5. Chasing the Winter Blues, 6. pink in a blink, 7. Texting from the Heart, 8. "Fency Eating" Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: everything quilts

My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag

My Favorite Color Big Mouthed Make-up Bag

My inspiration was a request I had from a friend who wished she had a make-up bag with pockets.10"x7"x3" Made here in my Ole Kentucky Home

Chartreuse green for "my favorite color" challenge


Quilter: Batiks by the Bay

A Little Blue

A Little Blue

I live in a coastal town near Newcastle in Australia. My favourite colours are blue and purple. I decided to go with blue for this challenge.
I love the work of Victoria Gertenbach who blogs at the silly BooDilly. This mini was inspired by some minis she did a while ago. I made a similar one previously using blues and greens. This one measures 12.5 X 13.5. The perfect size for under the ipod docking station.


Quilter: mrswickman

I Heart Camilla!!

I Heart Camilla!!

My new purple bib!!I created this in Appleton, WI. My favorite color is and always has been purple. I did not know until Wednesday night what I was going to do. I had 3-4 fabrics to start with from my stash. I had a conversation with my husband, and he said, "Just make something for Camilla like you usually do!" (Camilla is my first grand daughter and she is 3.5 months old) Then the idea of a bib came to mind. I had a pattern from a book that I bought this summer, and already had the pattern cut out. I like it because it uses Velcro. Anyway, I used cotton batting, two purples, and three heart shapes, and used only one white, which is the same fabric I used in challenge 1. I also put cotton batting behind each heart to make it stand out a bit. It took me a little over two hours to complete last night. I used the free-motion quilting foot, zigzag stitch and hand-stitch. I will post a photo of Camilla wearing the bib later this week.


Quilter: Hook N Needle

Herringbone Cushion cover

Herringbone Cushion cover

Coin PurseHi I'm Hafza. I create in Malaysia. My favorite red,white Herringbone cushion cover fit for 18" x 18" cushion. I blog at

Coin purse

Coin purse made from Herringbone cushion cover leftover fabric except for the rose. I sew using the Quilt-As-You-Go technique. The finished size is 5"x6".


Quilter: Debbie in SC

Table runner Chasing the Winter Blues

Chasing the Winter Blues

Project Quilting week 2 I played around with a wonky star block to begin, using the tutorial from Bonnie Hunter's Maverick star block. Then I added blue strings in various widths using a braid technique. The end result is a table runner 15" by 30" that is just a little off kilter, and a fun way to chase away the winter blues.
Debbie at


Quilter: Quilts by Lisa

pink in a blinkpink in a blink

Pink in a Blink baby quilt (38" x 52") made in Ashland, Kentucky for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2, My Favorite Color.
Pink is not really my favorite color, but for the challenge of using just one color and white I decided to do something I hadn't done before, so I made a very pink quilt. I pieced the blocks using Elizabeth Hartman's "Crazy Nine Patch Lattice" technique, using 27 different pink fabrics. The blocks are so easy and fun to make! While I was making them and thinking they were coming together quickly, the phrase "pink in a blink" came into my head and stuck. Hence the quilt's name. I added the flowers using bias tape made from an additional pink fabric. I did this after the piece was quilted. I like doing it that way because then I don't have to work around the bias tape while quilting, plus I like the stitching on the back of the quilt. I sometimes use this technique for appliqué as well.
Another fun challenge!


Quilter:  BungalowBayQuilts

Texting from the Heart

Texting from the Heart

Wallhanging/Doll Quilt
Created for Project Quilting-Season 4- Challenge 2

My Favorite Color just happens to fit in very nicely with this weeks challenge, as well as this time of the year! This little quilt measures 24``x26`` and is pieced, appliquéd and embellished with mother of pearl buttons.
I quilt and blog in Ontario, Canada!


Quilter: Traci Smith

"Fency Eating"

"Fency Eating"

Orange is my favorite color and since this was my first project for project quilting, I went with a set of 2 placemats. I made them in Conroe, Tx. They measure 12" x 18"

Stay tuned for more Closer Looks throughout the week!  Have you decided on your favorite quilt created yet?

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