The Rainbow Pink Donkey

IMG_3208 I married an amazing man.  He’s a kind, sweet, loving, hard working AND a fantastic dad.  I only am comfortable writing this all about him because I think he only rarely glances at my blog so I don’t have to worry about making him blush (he’s also very shy).  Jared (or Papa as the girls call him) will go into work early, and I mean early if he has a lot to do, so he can leave at 4:00 and be home to see me and the girls before they go to bed.  He also does bedtime with the girls – for two reasons.  1.  He will then for sure see them and spend quality time with them and 2. It takes him about 10 minutes when it takes me at least 30 – no idea why…

When he reads the girls their bedtime story he likes to joke with them and a incorporates a mysterious ‘pink donkey’ into the story somewhere.  This always makes the girls laugh and say he’s silly!  For Father’s Day (or maybe his birthday) Grandma helped the girls make Papa his very own stuffed pink donkeys.  The both each drew out the pattern they wanted for their donkeys, Cedi completely sewed and stuffed hers and Capri did all the stuffing and hand sewing.

IMG_2731The donkey Cedi made Papa is actually pink.  It’s from a piece of fabric she picked out at a quilt show we had gone to earlier in May.

IMG_2727Well – the fabric Capri had picked out at the show wasn’t exactly pink but she was determined to use it for the ‘pink donkey’ she made her Papa.    I am seriously excited to see what this girl comes up with as she gets older!  Anyway – Papa LOVES his pink donkeys and for Christmas he decided to make the girls a book -

‘The Rainbow Pink Donkey’

IMG_3407 by Frank Jared Lapacek, aka Papa

IMG_3408 This is the story of how the rainbow pink donkey got its colors.IMG_3409 The journey begins at the local apple orchard.  He just loves those red apples.  He just keeps eating and eating and eating more red apples until he turns red.IMG_3410 On the way home that night he stumbled upon a very orange and large pumpkin.  Upon careful inspection of the pumpkin he noticed an orange orange on top of the pumpkin.  He at the orange and instantly turned orange.  IMG_3411 After getting a good night sleep he work up with a yellow body.  Being a curious rainbow pink donkey, he wondered why this was and thought that maybe it was because the yellow lemon lamp next to his bed was left on all night.  We’ll never know.  [the girls have a yellow lemon lamp in their room]IMG_3412 After a nice breakfast of green broccoli soup he turned green, almost the same color as a granny smith apple!IMG_3413 So he decided to go for a swim in the blue ocean.  After a quick 20 mile run to the ocean he jumped in and swam around.  During this time his ears and head turned blue.IMG_3414 When he got back to the house and went to the pantry to find a tasty treat.  Finding bag of fruit snacks, he ate all of them and turned indigo.  He must have eaten an indigo color fruit snack.IMG_3415 He decided to meet up with his friend pink pink donkey and go to the vineyard to eat some grapes.  After eating lots of yummy violet colored grapes, he turned violet.IMG_3416

After a good nights sleep this rainbow pink donkey realized that he must be so many colors, because he liked so many different things.  He liked being the fabulous, wonderfully colored

Rainbow Pink Donkey.


  1. What a lovely story and what a hero you married!

  2. Kim, what a sweet man you married! How lucky your girls are to have such a great Dad! Love the story of the Rainbow Pink Donkey.

  3. What a wonderful gift and memory your girls have from Papa!

  4. This story book is amazing! What a man, what a Dad! You all make a great family!


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