Project QUILTING, Wish Upon a Star Project QUILTING Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 3

One last post for today everyone.  I wanted to show you a closer look at eight more of the wonderful quilted pieces that were made for the Wish Upon A Star Project QUILTING Challengemosaic662bfcbbfd0405ed5462b588a01b56f8424ab8fc
1. Old Glory Pillow, 2. Catch a Falling Star Pillow, 3. Wishing Upon Star Flowers, 4. "Grandma's Star is Born", 5. Challenge 4 Stars, 6. True North by Sharon in MI, 7. Seeing Stars, 8. Stars and Stripes

Quilter: fordhook1

Old Glory Pillow

Old Glory Pillow

Project Quilting Season 4, #4 PersimonDreams "Wish upon a star"
Size of Pillow; 18" X 13". Made in Chico, Northern California.

I had high hopes that I could start and finish a quilt for my niece in one week! haha. It just happens to be a quilt with 80 stars (sparkle punch pattern). Friday came around and I had the points sewn, and that's it. So with time running out I decided to do a mini quilt with some scraps for the challenge. I got 4 blocks done and decided I liked it so much I didn't want to only make a mini. So now I have nothing for the challenge again. I thought I'll make a pot holder with a star! But I dread making pot I looked through some old images I had saved and came across a pillow from Lynn at Lily's quilts.
Did some patchwork for the blues and reds, quilted with straight lines, and appliqued the stars. Added a zipper on the bottom.


Quilter: shout4joy

Catch a Falling Star Pillow

Catch a Falling Star Pillow

Final project for Project Quilting Challenge 4. I had to scale back my expectations and made a pillow cover instead of a wall quilt.

This quilted pillow cover is 20in X 20in and was created in Muskegon, MI

Read more about the process on my blog:


Quilter: Isabella's Whimsy, Janie Kemp

Wishing Upon Star Flowers

Wishing Upon Star Flowers

Project QUILTING Season 4, Challenge 4, Wish Upon a Star.
I'm Janie and I quilted this 16-inch mat in my home in Texas.
I used the YoYo Star Flowers Mat pattern from the Big Book of Appliqued Candle Mats available online from I don't usually use someone else's pattern, so that was a new-ish experience for me, much more pleasant than figuring out all the measurements, and everything fit! :o)
I used fabrics from my stash.


Quilter:  Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting

"Grandma's Star is Born"

"Grandma's Star is Born"

Marcia Wachuta
Boscobel, Wisconsin
I combine the Friendship Star Block and the Warm Wishes Pattern to create my Baby Star Quilt. My Mom picked out the colors, as this will be the baby quilt from my Mom for the new baby to be. As you know, I am going to be a Grandma and my Mom is going to be a Great Grandma!
Having trouble naming my quilt at this point I am calling it "Grandma's Star is Born". That is Great Grandma's favorite name!
I really had fun with the quilting -- Wiggle lines and swirls and stars and hearts.
I posted about my quilt at:


Quilter:  The Thimblemouse

Challenge 4 Stars

2-1/4" square Wonky Star Pincushion/Pin - Made for Project Quilting Season 4 - Challenge 4 "Stars"


Quilter: sharonhuismith

True North by Sharon S. in MI

True North by Sharon S. in MI

Project Quilting 4.4. Star Challenge
30" x 30"

I really wanted to push myself to learn new techniques with this challenge. I tried many things for the first time: using striped fabric, hand embroidery, beading, and using negative space. This quilt is as much about what it "is" as what it "is not" as I tried a variety of ideas, ultimately pulling them out and embracing the large negative space border. I used turquoise pearl cotton to outline the points of the star. I first used a split stitch and then wanted to add more definition so I covered it with a stem stitch so it has to layers of thread. I added 3 beads at each point. I then used a a fly stitch with a bead at each point to secure the edges of the light blue border. The back of the quilt is very neat and shows off the star pattern and border very nicely. I spent nearly 20 hrs doing just the embroidery which gave birth to its name; just like we need to know where "true north" is if we want to get to our destination, I had to keep my eyes focused on my goal of learning new techniques and not take short cuts by reverting to machine quilting to get it done in time. I'm glad I stuck it out! The quilt is not bound as I plan to either frame it or wrap it around a canvas.


Quilter: WaggonsWest

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

Project Quilting 4:4
A very quick look at my PQ project for this week. Wonky Stars following the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. All details and better pictures tomorrow.

20 x 20 inches. Machine pieced. Hand Quilted.



Quilter: StephieStories

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

This little wall hanging is 10" x 28". It was made using the little twister tool. I've never used the tool before but it was easy and I enjoyed it.
Created in Webster City, Iowa


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A Lovely Year of Finishes -February Finishes!

I'm not a very good procrastinator.  I hate it.  It stresses me out.  The fact that I'm posting this on the very last possible day is not normal for me.  But I really did need every single 28 days in this month to finish the goals I made for the February Lovely Year of Finishes.

Alright - let's take a look at how I did for the month of February.

Goal 1- Project QUILTING, Challenge 3 – Annie’s Vision - FINISHED!

ENTRY Celebrate Annie created for the 'Annie's Vision Project QUILTING Challenge'

See how this quilt was created by checking out my process post.

Goal 2 – Capri’s Future Quilter’s Quilt - PIECED

The Future Quilter's Quilt - All Pieced!

Check out the my flickr set to see all the blocks that came.  Capri and I are going to work on quilting this together...I think she'll get a kick out of helping me choose quilting designs and IMG_5418even doing some of the free motion herself.

Goal 3 – Seasons Quilt - FINISHED

This was the goal this month that I really pushed to the end.

Seasons blocks

It didn't take me long to get the summer and winter postage trees make but it did take me a while to figure out how I was going to finish it.

  • Should I add sashing?

  • Which way should the quilt hang?

  • How many sashings should I add?

Those were all things I had to figure out.  I tried to keep it on my design wall while I was working on other projects to keep it in my mind and figure out how to move forward with it.

After a few discussions with Diane and lots of photo's to look at it in different ways I finally made the decisions.  I free motioned the quilt yesterday and just put the binding and hanging sleeve on this morning!  DONE!

Oh...and I think I'm going to write up a pattern on how to do this entire quilt - sound good?  You interested?

Better pictures coming when I get better light....

Goal 4 – Wish Upon A Star - FINISHED

ENTRY Star of Hope for Project QUILTING 'Wish Upon a Star'

So, in summary - if it weren't for 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' I'm guessing my Seasons Quilt would not be done yet.  It was a fantastic motivation to get it finished, marked off the list, and off my mind!  Now...I have to figure out what I want to commit myself to for tomorrow's March Goal Setting...

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My Favorite Block Quilt Along, Block 8 from Fiber of All Sorts

Happy Thursday everyone!  Who's excited for another block reveal on the 'My Favorite Block Quilt Along' Journey?  I know I am!  Per usual, we're going to learn a little more about our designer before we get to our block.  Today we get to meet - Shannon of Fiber of All Sorts!

Wonky Star - 6.5

What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?

I love quilt along's as I can see how different blocks play in different fabric choices, especially ones that I normally am afraid to touch.

When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of?

Besides white, I'm seeing lots of pink - hmmm. I need to finish more projects!!

When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

Blue - the whole drawer is full of the range of blues :)

What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013?

If participating you mean I have ideas to join in that would be:

Sew Kind of Wonderful's Curve it Up QAL

Curve it Up QAL - Churn Dash Block 2 of 2

Pile O'Fabric's Skill Builder BOM

Echinops and Aster's Honeycomb Stitch Along

And a kind of quilt along is the monthly finish party Melissa of Sew Bittersweet Designs and I are hosting 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' well that's really to finish up my many projects I have going, some of which are old QAL's like Sew.Happy.Geek's Sew.Happy.Quilt QAL and Pins & Bobbins Made in Cherry QAL

Apples or oranges?

Apples as I'm too lazy to peel the oranges most of the time.

Favorite Number:

3 as it usually makes a triangle. I adore triangles!

Triangle love ~ Front

Follow along with Shanna on the social network (I know I am)!


Okay - I won't keep you waiting any longer.  Shanna's Favorite block that she's sharing with you all is...

A Wonky Star!
Wonky Star - Tutorial

Click HERE to go to Fiber of All Sorts blog to find out how you can make these fun and wonky blocks!

Make sure you add your Favorite Block Blocks to the Flickr Group

when they’re done!  We want to see them!

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My Future Quilter, Capri, turns 5

I’m sure many of you reading this already know that on Sunday, my daughter, Capri, turned 5.  Capri is constantly creating – she can literally spend hours working on her ‘projects’ in her area under the stairs.  If you are familiar with 4/5 year olds – that’s pretty rare to sit still and focus that long.  Anyway – about a month ago I put out a request for quilt blocks so I could make a special ‘Future Quilter’s Quilt’  for Capri.  The response was overwhelming!  I’m not sure what I was worried about – quilter’s are such generous folks and are thrilled to see the younger generations getting excited about sewing and creating.  You can see all the amazing blocks, fabrics, stories and more that people from all over the states and even Canada shared with my daughter in my flickr set.

The Future Quilter's Quilt - All Pieced! I managed to piece all the blocks together after Capri went to bed on Saturday night, February 23rd – nothing like last minute, right.

I packed the quilt up along with all the letters, stories and extra fabric for Capri.  opening the giftShe opened up her quilt


Capri checking out her new quilt...from underneath it

and immediately went under it Smile

Capri LOVES her 'Future Quilter's Quilt'!

Here she is showing off her new quilt!  After this picture was taken we took the next half an hour ready the letters and going through each block to find out who made it, where it came from, and any special meeting.  The entire family was mesmerized.  It was truly a magical moment.  I then asked Capri if she would like her quilt tied or quilted – she decided on quilted so I’ll be loading it on the frame tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the weekend…we’ll see how my energy holds up.

The day before Capri’s actual birthday my parents came down to celebrate.

IMG_5073We had a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake with Tinkerbell on it off course!  I’m super excited about the pictures I got (thanks to Karmen Linder Photography’s beginner class…)

Okay – there’s just too many great pictures…here’s a mosaic from the day… (23rd).


Highlights of the day…Grandma and Grandpa Van, delicious Dairy Queen Ice Cake (Capri requested that her piece have the word ‘Capri’ on it, new roller skates from G & G, and a ‘super fun’ Ferby from Uncle Brian.


About a month or so ago I asked Capri what she wanted to do for her Birthday – her response – go to Jo-Ann’s to get my fabric for my first quilt.  How can a mom say no to that?  So, after a special breakfast from Papa and a few gifts from mom, dad and sister’s we packed up the car (with Uncle Al) and met Grandma and Grandpa Lapacek at Jo-Ann’s.  The girls had made cupcakes at Grandma’s on Friday so we brought them in and sang Happy Birthday to Capri in the store.  We decided to wait until after lunch to eat the cupcakes…they may have been a bit messy…and if you look through the collage below you may notice that we ‘lost’ one of our members…Pip may have been passed out on her Papa’s shoulder the entire shopping trip.  022413

Photo Collage of some of the highlights – waking up to wrapped presents (like Christmas morning) – Lego’s and balance bean from mom and dad, a fairy land making kit from Cedi, and a Zoe and Goo book with Goo stuffed animal from Pip, trip to Jo-Ann’s where Capri got to pick out her own fat quarters to start her stash, lunch at Red Robin’s, home for cupcakes, and hang out with G&G Lapacek and Uncle Al in the afternoon.  We had really well behaved kiddo’s to – I was especially proud of Cedi.  I know it was hard for her to watch Capri get showered with gifts and attention but I think she finally understood me when I told her we had to make Capri feel like she was the ‘star of the weekend’ and do our best to make it super special for her.


Okay – I have to end here.  Pip’s hands are on my hands like she’s learning to type and this is getting fairly difficult…

Project QUILTING, Wish Upon a Star Project QUILTING Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 2

I tried to post two ‘Closer Looks’ yesterday but with so many different things going on it just didn’t happen.  I’ll try to do a second one later today after I post more about my daugther’s birthday, her special quilt and of course our trip to Jo-Ann’s.  Here are 8 more fantastic ‘Wish Upon a Star’ for you to look and read about now.  Happy Wednesday!



1. Tweet Dreams 4, 2. Wish Upon a Star, 3. Starfish-Challenge 4, 4. Lucky Star - Project Quilting Season 4 - #4, 5. Cowboy Way, 6. Star Light, Star Bright, 7. IMG_4292, 8. Like the Stars in the Sky

Quilter: Sew Incredibly Crazy

Tweet Dreams


Tweet Dreams

Made for the Project quilting project #4. Made with some raw edge applique and scraps of fabric. It is quilted with glow in the dark thread, which actually works better than I expected. It is 12" x 18". Designed and Quilted by Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy. For more info.....


Quilter:  vroomansquilts

Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star

I wanted to use the inspirational starflower border fabric - starflower quilt block with piecing, applique, embellishments, home machine FMQ for a 15.5" x 17" wall hanging. This was made in Schoharie NY.


Quilter: mrswickman


Starfish-Challenge 4

Camilla and her toys and Starfish mini-quilt.


Challenge 4

Made in Appleton, WI on our snow day today! I did a reverse applique technique on the top using four cotton fabrics. I used a dimple dot fabric for the back, which caused a few challenges with the cotton vs knit, but I wanted something softer for the back. I used rayon thread for the quilting, it also has a layer of cotton batting. I was originally going to make a pillow cover, but then changed my mind. I used leftover scraps of fleece and ribbon for the tags. I washed and dried it and it ragged rather nicely. There was a lot of clipping to do. I am sure Camilla will love it! (PS-my husband suggested starfish since our granddaughter's bedroom theme is The Sea!)

By the way, you need to be careful when adding ribbons, make them short in length so babies do not get hands stuck. I used some fleece pieces too, because they do not ravel, and I cut those in half so babies hands will not get stuck.


Quilter: KrisTMJ


Lucky Star - Project Quilting Season 4 - #4

Lucky Star

Project Quilting Season 4 - #4

Lucky star = 2013
39" x 39" square
Straight line quilting
Lone Star fracture
Made in Nebraska
blogged :


Quilter: Carlotta Jean

Cowboy Way

Cowboy Way

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 4 - Wish Upon A Star.
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas.
Size: 49" x 71"
Flannel Throw

The cowboy fabric for this throw has been in my stash for awhile and this was the perfect chance to put it to use. My inspiration was the need for a blanket in my "cowboy" guest bedroom.

Made of flannel, the big star was cut from two layers of brown and and the smaller stars are one layer of black. I used a flannel sheet for the batting and another flannel sheet for the backing. The star is "fringed" on the edges rag quilt style as well as the edges of the quilt. The quilting is lassos and stars.


Quilter: StippleQuilts

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright is the name for my pillow for challenge 4 of the Project Quilting. It is a 15 inch square pillow. I made the stars using my Sizzix Big Shot.
You can read more about it on my blog. Made in Muscatine, Iowa.
Freemotion by the River


Quilter: Bungalow Bay Quilts

Comma-cal Star

Comma-cal Star

My entry in Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 4.
This little 28" square quilt is based on a Schnibbles design and used one charm pack of the new line from Moda, called Comma.
It is machine pieced and quilted.
I live in Ontario, Canada and blog about my exploits at

Quilter: Pastor Katie Bishop

Like the Stars in the Sky

Like the Stars in the Sky


“I will certainly bless you. I will multiply your descendants beyond number, like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore.” – Genesis 22:17a

I had a really hard time with this challenge. I just finished my first lone star which really stretched my quilting ability. It was also very emotional for me because the woman who taught me to quilt had promised to make a lone star with me, but died before she could.

Anyway, I started this project three times. And each of those times it was a disaster.

So I decided I would not participate this week. But then in my Lenten devotional late in the week, I read this scripture. And I remembered God’s blessing. And I was inspired!

So here is my quilt. Made with scraps of turquoise fabric with black background, this quilt has 7 wonky stars. I machine quilted around each of the stars. It measures 20 inches by 25 inches.



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Project QUILTING, Wish Upon a Star Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 1

Happy Tuesday everyone!  We had a busy day at the Lapacek household – good but busy.  Capri had her well-child visit and she’s doing great. Measured in at the 91st percentile and weighted in at the 76th.

Before I get started – I have been using ‘Big Huge Labs’ to make my mosaics for PQ.  With my new computer it has not been as user friendly for me.  Does anyone have any good flickr tools suggestions for mosaics that can also link back to the original picture?  I’d appreciate any advice or tips to make my blogging life a bit easier!mosaicf5cdea5ea3696308c1b88655e6258c1da48c23f5

1. star 2, 2. First Star, 3. Starry Tote, 4. AWishComeTrue3, 5. Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul, 6. Shine On, 7. Starry Starry Night, 8. Wish I May, Wish I Might, 9. Quilt 11 - Modern Country Star - Closeup Two

Quilter: erinrebeccaz

"stripey stars"

"stripey stars"

i have a busy week ahead of me, and needed something i could do this evening. my little man, rowan, LOVES stars, so i decided to make him a "wubbzy," (or cuddly little blankie thing.) i used some upholstery samples i scored from my aunt for the stars, the fabric is shiny and soft. i hand-drew them individually because i wanted them all to be different and unique. then i zig-zag stitched them into place on some cool prints from my stash. i made the sashing and borders from a brown stripe fabric that i found REALLY cheap at the local amish store. the backing is a nice soft red flannel. i left the edges raw and zig-zag stitched them too, and it is now the perfect stripey star wubbzy for my guy, who is currently upstairs cuddling with it as i type this description :)

my creation measures appx 20"X20"; and is from central pennsylvania, just like me :)


Quilter: Nonesuch Exists*

*be sure to check out Kerry’s blog – not only does she quilt but she’s an amazing cook too and shares some really amazing recipes…can you say ‘chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes’?

First Star

First Star

After I had my first child, I discovered that red, black and white were the first colors babies can differentiate. So I decided to start making baby blankets based on those colors rather than more traditional hues. This baby blanket is slightly larger than 36 x 36. It contains no lining, just two layers of cozy flannel, so it is a perfect summer blanket.


Quilter: liashandmades

Starry Tote

Starry Tote

Entry for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 4 "Wish Upon A Star"

This is a simple tote with lining that I made for my mum, using a paper-pieced 5-pointed star.

This tote was created in Heide, Germany with fabrics from my stash. It measures 42,5 x 45 cm (16 3/4" wide x 17 3/4" high) without straps.

I am blogging at


Quilter: Mama Eggo


A Wish Come True

Challenge 4: Wish Upon a Star
Project name: A wish come true
Project size: 17" x 20"

Okay... I KNOW this is a VERY liberal interpretation... but here's my creative process and an explanation of why this piece HAD to be made:
When I read the title of the challenge "Wish upon a star" I immediately thought of childhood and making wishes. I have TONS of memories of taking dandelions and blowing them so the seeds dispersed and making a wish. We'd call them (the dandelions) "wishies". I could NOT get that thought / memory out of my head. My sister is pregnant and she recently decided she'd be doing a yellow / grey scheme for the nursery and mentioned dandelions. As I fell asleep the other night thinking about the challenge, I found myself designing this. I KNOW it's not technically a star. I DID include a star on the project so that I'm playing by the rules (the dot on the i in "wish").... but I just couldn't help it. This was this week's project, and no matter how many google searches for star blocks, etc., I did, I couldn't get this image out of my head!!!

I create in my home in Montesano, WA. I mostly sew and sell - kiddo clothes, etc., - but I am committed to sewing more for me / my kids / my friends and family during 2013! :)

This wall hanging includes hand-cut and stitched applique (the dandelion), machine embroidery (the lettering), and is lined with fusible fleece with a small amount of quilting (outlining the dandelion)




Quilter: For Quilts Sake

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

"Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul"

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Feb. 2013 for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 4, "Wish Upon a Star."

8.5" x 10.5”

My creative process and how I made it:

My project this week is a little quilted birdhouse. It is machine raw edge appliqued using many different types of white, cream, and brown fabric including commercial cottons, sheers, linen, burlap, and silk ribbons. There is a light brown star near the center of the birdhouse. The roof was made by wrapping some brown fabric around a thin piece of craft felt that was machine appliqued to the quilt.

The pieces were stitched down during the quilting process with the edges left raw similar to what grass and twigs might look like in a bird's nest. The edges that aren't under the roof were bound with a zigzag stitch.

Several white buttons were hand sewn on top of a white ribbon and other color buttons were added to the star, roof, and center of the birdhouse. I also added some bone-style beads to the bottom of the quilt.


Quilter: Debbie in SC

Shine On

Shine On

Project Quilting challenge 4.....a closer view of fabrics and thread painting.
Debbie in SC


Quilter: Susi Quilts Etsy

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Made for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 4.

This is my second submission this season and when I saw the challenge, I knew exactly what I would make. I've been wanting to try a "wonky" star and paper piecing, and this pattern satisfied both. These were scraps that I had from a table runner I made, and I used up every bit!

The star is quilted with squiggly lines, matching the wavy whirligigs of the print. Then I echo-quilted around the star in the dark blue sky fabric. For the "striped" border, I strip pieced the red and blue fabrics, then cut crosswise to make the lengths I needed. On the back is a large, swirly print in two tones of blue (I like the back as much as the front!)' The size is 11-1/2" square.

I create in Menifee, CA.


Quilter: HeartSoulMindandStrength

Wish I May, Wish I Might

Wish I May, Wish I Might

My goal this week, here in AuGres, MI, was to try something new.I found the pattern for this folded star, and fell in love with it. My dear husband made me an oak desk last week, and I needed a coaster for my coffee mug. So I decided to make this little 4" circle. Before I was half finished with this peice I was wishing I hadn't made it quite so small - thus the name "wish I may, wish I might" was decided as a play on words from the nursery rhyme and my wishing it was larger! I think I will probably try this one again sometime, as a larger table topper. As small as this project was, it took me 4 hours! Folding 48 tiny patches was a test of my patience, but oh so worth the effort.


Quilter: Feed the Dogs

Quilt 11 - Modern Country Star - Undecided

Modern Country Star

By Tina Benson at Feeding The Dog

I have had these fabrics put together knowing that I wanted to make a quilt using the Americana colors that I picked up from the remnant bin at the fabric store, but I wanted to use them in a modern style design. When this challenge came up I knew instantly that THIS was going to be the one ! So I fired up my EQ7 and spent all day Sunday and Monday trying to come up with a design that I liked that I also had enough of each fabric to do. Using remnants did require a lot of alterations to the design to accommodate what yardage I had for each fabric. Finally I managed to come up with this awesome design that I fell in love with !

The entire top piecing is done with 6 inch HST, and the Stars are Satin Stitch Appliqued on after the quilting.

I used a low loft poly batting and a great striped flannel backing that I had in my stash.

I decided to keep the quilting simple and just did 1 inch spaced straight lines following the squares to bring out the simplicity of the design and I really think it makes the design pop even more then I had hoped.

I finished the design off with the satin stitched ( done with my free motion foot ) stars in the same fabrics as the design itself. I chose to satin stitch after it was quilted so that the stars would look as great from the back as they did on the front.

It finished up at 42 x 42 inches square.

Designed, Pieced, Quilted and Appliqued by Tina Benson in Dover Plains, NY

I have not yet decided who I will gift this one to , as I have a few members of my family who have hinted about wanting one LOL so for now it is Undecided =]


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My Favorite Block Quilt Along Block 7 from Little Birdie Quilting

Happy Quilt Along Tuesday!  That’s right – we get another block tutorial for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along!  I love that we get new blocks during the off week of Project QUILTING.  It helps to keep my focus – as much as anything can keep me focused these days….

Before we see our next block – let’s learn a bit more about the designer – Karen Mundt of Little Birdie Quilting! Pinterest:

Scrappy-trip-around-the-world-quilt1-185x300What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?
Getting it bit by bit- so if you can keep up on a weekly basis, before you know it, you have all the blocks needed for a quilt to


When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of?
Bright pinks and reds


When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

Green- for some reason I find it to be my 'go to' for a pop of colour in a quilt, even though I wouldn't say it's a favourite colour.


What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013?

At this stage, informally joining in the 'Scrappy Trip Around the World' that's currently the favourite with many.



Apples or oranges?    Both: oranges when I can take the time to peel them, apples when I only have one hand spare!


Favorite Number:    7


Alright – now lets see what our next block is…

It’s a Strippy Leaf Block!


Click HERE to see how to make yours!

Make sure you add your Favorite Block Blocks to the Flickr Group when they’re done!

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