A Lovely Year of Finishes -February Finishes!

I'm not a very good procrastinator.  I hate it.  It stresses me out.  The fact that I'm posting this on the very last possible day is not normal for me.  But I really did need every single 28 days in this month to finish the goals I made for the February Lovely Year of Finishes.

Alright - let's take a look at how I did for the month of February.

Goal 1- Project QUILTING, Challenge 3 – Annie’s Vision - FINISHED!

ENTRY Celebrate Annie created for the 'Annie's Vision Project QUILTING Challenge'

See how this quilt was created by checking out my process post.

Goal 2 – Capri’s Future Quilter’s Quilt - PIECED

The Future Quilter's Quilt - All Pieced!

Check out the my flickr set to see all the blocks that came.  Capri and I are going to work on quilting this together...I think she'll get a kick out of helping me choose quilting designs and IMG_5418even doing some of the free motion herself.

Goal 3 – Seasons Quilt - FINISHED

This was the goal this month that I really pushed to the end.

Seasons blocks

It didn't take me long to get the summer and winter postage trees make but it did take me a while to figure out how I was going to finish it.

  • Should I add sashing?

  • Which way should the quilt hang?

  • How many sashings should I add?

Those were all things I had to figure out.  I tried to keep it on my design wall while I was working on other projects to keep it in my mind and figure out how to move forward with it.

After a few discussions with Diane and lots of photo's to look at it in different ways I finally made the decisions.  I free motioned the quilt yesterday and just put the binding and hanging sleeve on this morning!  DONE!

Oh...and I think I'm going to write up a pattern on how to do this entire quilt - sound good?  You interested?

Better pictures coming when I get better light....

Goal 4 – Wish Upon A Star - FINISHED

ENTRY Star of Hope for Project QUILTING 'Wish Upon a Star'

So, in summary - if it weren't for 'A Lovely Year of Finishes' I'm guessing my Seasons Quilt would not be done yet.  It was a fantastic motivation to get it finished, marked off the list, and off my mind!  Now...I have to figure out what I want to commit myself to for tomorrow's March Goal Setting...

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  1. Love your "Wish upon a Star" quilt - it is really cool! Did you design it yourself?

  2. What a great list of finishes!

    Thanks for linking up sweetie

  3. Thanks :) And yes - I did ;) Thinking about making a pattern for this one too...

  4. Thank you! It's nice to have motivation!

  5. well done! I am always amazed at all that you get done. I can't wait to see how you and Capri quilt her top!


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