A Lovely Year of Finishes–Mid Month Check In

I am a few days late on the Mid-month check in but I am really happy there are the Mid-Month Check Ins involved.  It kicked me in the butt to get a bit of work done on what I was supposed to be working on this month!


To be reminded of the Goals I set for February check out my Goal Setting post.


Goal 1- Project QUILTING, Challenge 3 – Annie’s Vision

ENTRY Celebrate Annie created for the 'Annie's Vision Project QUILTING Challenge'See how this quilt was created by checking out my process post.

Goal 2 – Capri’s Future Quilter's Quilt

So…I haven’t actually started piecing it yet but blocks are still coming in!  The response has been incredible!  Be sure to keep an eye on my flickr set to see all the blocks that have been arriving.

Goal 3 – Seasons Quilt



In December, I posted a tutorial for a Postage Stamp Tree Block.  I made  mine in autumn colors, my mother-in-law, Diane Lapacek, made one in spring colors.

My goal is to finish this quilt this month…what have I done so far?  Well…

Summer Postage Stamp Tree Block

Why yes…this is the ‘Summer Postage Stamp Tree Block’  AND…Winter Postage Stamp Tree Block I also have my ‘Winter Postage Stamp Tree Block’ done…I’m really happy with winter.

Seasons blocks

So – I have all my four main ‘Postage Stamp Tree Blocks’ finished!  Now I just have to figure out how I want to finish this fun little piece!


Challenge 4 – Wish Upon A Star

And since the next Project QUILTING Challenge is due on February 24th (aka Capri’s 5th birthday) – I figure I might as well add it to my ‘Lovely Year of FInishes’ To do list.


Wish Upon a Star

This is what I have so far…not much but I should get it done!  I’m going to add my guild challenge into this piece as well… 13…

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  1. You are the busiest lady I know! Well done!


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