A mini vacation

Yesterday, Jared got done with work early, we packed up the van and picked Cedi up from school on our way for a night at Kahlahari.  I night of ‘relaxation’ – well as much relaxation as you can expect with three girls under the age of 6.  kahlahari swimmingIt was nice though – the girls had fun in the indoor water park.  Jared and I took turns hanging out with Pip and the big girls.  The big girls were definitely more adventurous than Pip but we did find a really cool kids swimming area that made Pip more comfortable with the water. kalahari

There were lots of fun jungle animals all over the resort – including this great gorilla.  Pip wasn’t a big fan of the gorilla.  When we first checked in they had a baby tiger out that you could pet and get your picture taken with (for a fee of course).  it was just cool to be so close to such a beautiful creature!

kahlahari pip

Pip enjoyed some apple juice at breakfast time!  I love how every time I look at her she has a fun new face!

kahlahari breakfast

I do have to say that I was disappointed in the food we had on the resort.  It was really pricey and just mediocre at best.  Friday night Cedi order Mac N Cheese for her kids meal and it was just reheated Kraft…for $6.  I’m more mad at myself that I didn’t say anything though…I should have gotten her something else.  Oh well – next time, we’re bringing our own food or heading into town for some decent meals.  Lesson learned.  The kids had a great time and they took a good nap for Papa this afternoon to.

I’m using my new laptop and Windows 8 to put on this blog post…hopefully it works!

Stop back in just under 18 hours to see the next Project QUILTING challenge!

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