Happy Thursday everyone!  How is your week going?  Things are decent around here.  Cedi had a fever on Monday and stayed home from school.  She was much better already by Tuesday though so that was good.  I’ve had this nagging cough and low energy but haven’t been really ‘sick’.  It’s more annoying than anything.  Anyway – enough whining!  I wanted to share with you some photo’s of the progress of my 2013 ‘on the go’ project – hexagons!


By ‘on the go’ project I mean something that I can sew by hand when I’m not at home or near my sewing machine.  I may have a small problem staying focused or sitting still so my hands need to be always moving.   This year I got sucked into making Hexagons. One Tuesday at #talknt quilters were mentioning how much they loved the hexagons from the website Paper Pieces.


I headed over and order hexagons in a variety of sizes so I could then decide on what I want to do. The hexagons I first started with are 2” hexi’s – pretty big.  I’ve been using 5” squares of my scraps to baste my hexagons.  During gymanstic practice, waiting for the bus and at a meeting I worked on my hexigons.  Above is a snapshot of the hexagons I made at a meeting – I know that sounds crazy but I truly cannot focus if I’m not doing more than one thing.   This past Tuesday, I finally had my first 150 hexagons made!

I laid them out on the floor to see what I had.  First – I realized I’m going to have to make a lot more than 150 hexagons to make a decent size quilt.  hexis 3Then, I started grouping the hexagons together by color groups.  I think they’ll create a really cool color wheel-esque quilt.

For the remainder of my time ‘on the go’ on Tuesday I managed to sew together two hexagon flowers.  I can now make 2 more hexagons!  It’s going to be a tedious project that will probably take me a long time but I’m grateful to have a fun, easy project to take along with me and I can make it without the machine.  Hand sewing is relaxing to me and good for my soul.

I would love if you linked up below projects you’ve done with hexagons!  Maybe I’ll decide to make lots of smaller hexagon projects instead of one big quilt…you never know…


  1. No completed projects yet, but I have over 600 1" hexies finished. The paper pieces website is just wonderful and they aare so very helpful too! I know for sure there will be at least 2 throw pillows in my future.

  2. wow! 1" that's pretty small! Feel free to link up your wip posts too:)

  3. Terry Truesdale TruesdaleFebruary 22, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    I am doing the Ahhh's with Hillbilly Handiworks. Check it out on Flickr and her blog. Also the Fb page. For the love of paper piecing. I am in love!!


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