My Favorite Block Quilt Along Block 5 from Bea Quilter

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It always feels so nice to have a new block to post for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along .  And today, just wait – it’s ridiculously cute!  I am frantically getting this posted before I head to the gym for my yoga class…Pip is not being very cooperative…

Before we get to Bea’s block – let’s learn a little more about her:


Name: Bea Lee of

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What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?

I love seeing how different each quilt can look with the same pattern- I'm planning to host a quilt along in march btw :-)

When you look at your quilts - what color do you seem to use the most of?

I love bright colors! I think I use the most blue and red, my red stash is always disappearing so that must mean I use it a lot.

When you look at your fabric stash - what color do you seem to have the most of?

well NOT red.... blues right now.

What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2013?

Modern Mystery Round robin #2 and a valentine's round robin finishing up on Valentine's day, and planning my own next month

Apples or oranges?

BOTH :-)

Favorite Number:

I'll have to say 3, growing up I was an only child so we were 3 in the family, today I HAVE 3 kids! so for now it's 3- not a good number in quilting though....well maybe 3 in a row or 3 squares in a nine patch row etc.
I’ll make you wait no longer – head on over to Bea Quilter’s website and find out how to make this adorable



Owl Block!

I’m hoping I can get Pip to take a decent nap this afternoon – I can hardly wait!  I think I may have to make two 12.5” ones (Mama and Papa) and then three 6.5” ones, one representing each of my girls…maybe even a sixth one to add into Capri’s Future Quilter Quilt…we’ll have to see how it goes…

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