My Future Quilter, Capri, turns 5

I’m sure many of you reading this already know that on Sunday, my daughter, Capri, turned 5.  Capri is constantly creating – she can literally spend hours working on her ‘projects’ in her area under the stairs.  If you are familiar with 4/5 year olds – that’s pretty rare to sit still and focus that long.  Anyway – about a month ago I put out a request for quilt blocks so I could make a special ‘Future Quilter’s Quilt’  for Capri.  The response was overwhelming!  I’m not sure what I was worried about – quilter’s are such generous folks and are thrilled to see the younger generations getting excited about sewing and creating.  You can see all the amazing blocks, fabrics, stories and more that people from all over the states and even Canada shared with my daughter in my flickr set.

The Future Quilter's Quilt - All Pieced! I managed to piece all the blocks together after Capri went to bed on Saturday night, February 23rd – nothing like last minute, right.

I packed the quilt up along with all the letters, stories and extra fabric for Capri.  opening the giftShe opened up her quilt


Capri checking out her new quilt...from underneath it

and immediately went under it Smile

Capri LOVES her 'Future Quilter's Quilt'!

Here she is showing off her new quilt!  After this picture was taken we took the next half an hour ready the letters and going through each block to find out who made it, where it came from, and any special meeting.  The entire family was mesmerized.  It was truly a magical moment.  I then asked Capri if she would like her quilt tied or quilted – she decided on quilted so I’ll be loading it on the frame tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the weekend…we’ll see how my energy holds up.

The day before Capri’s actual birthday my parents came down to celebrate.

IMG_5073We had a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake with Tinkerbell on it off course!  I’m super excited about the pictures I got (thanks to Karmen Linder Photography’s beginner class…)

Okay – there’s just too many great pictures…here’s a mosaic from the day… (23rd).


Highlights of the day…Grandma and Grandpa Van, delicious Dairy Queen Ice Cake (Capri requested that her piece have the word ‘Capri’ on it, new roller skates from G & G, and a ‘super fun’ Ferby from Uncle Brian.


About a month or so ago I asked Capri what she wanted to do for her Birthday – her response – go to Jo-Ann’s to get my fabric for my first quilt.  How can a mom say no to that?  So, after a special breakfast from Papa and a few gifts from mom, dad and sister’s we packed up the car (with Uncle Al) and met Grandma and Grandpa Lapacek at Jo-Ann’s.  The girls had made cupcakes at Grandma’s on Friday so we brought them in and sang Happy Birthday to Capri in the store.  We decided to wait until after lunch to eat the cupcakes…they may have been a bit messy…and if you look through the collage below you may notice that we ‘lost’ one of our members…Pip may have been passed out on her Papa’s shoulder the entire shopping trip.  022413

Photo Collage of some of the highlights – waking up to wrapped presents (like Christmas morning) – Lego’s and balance bean from mom and dad, a fairy land making kit from Cedi, and a Zoe and Goo book with Goo stuffed animal from Pip, trip to Jo-Ann’s where Capri got to pick out her own fat quarters to start her stash, lunch at Red Robin’s, home for cupcakes, and hang out with G&G Lapacek and Uncle Al in the afternoon.  We had really well behaved kiddo’s to – I was especially proud of Cedi.  I know it was hard for her to watch Capri get showered with gifts and attention but I think she finally understood me when I told her we had to make Capri feel like she was the ‘star of the weekend’ and do our best to make it super special for her.


Okay – I have to end here.  Pip’s hands are on my hands like she’s learning to type and this is getting fairly difficult…


  1. Looks like is was a fun filled day! Glad she loved her quilt.

  2. Looks like a great 5th birthday! Am I correct in assuming that the Star Wars fabric was from Uncle Brian?

  3. You are correct! (I wanted to write, 'Correct as usual King Friday' but not sure if you'd get my Mr. Roger's reference...)


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