Project QUILTING – Bringing Back the Public Vote – Prizes Requested!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m just doing a quick post as I only have a few hours to spend on my Project QUILTING Challenge piece this week…

Anyway – Diane and I were chatting and we’re going to bring back the ‘Public Vote’ for these challenges.  After everyone has their pieces in, I will post a ‘Public Vote’ post.  Here people can come and vote for their favorite quilt of the week!


I am hoping to find a few sponsors for these to add to the fun!  Whoever wins (gets the most votes) this week will at the very least get a pdf copy of my ‘Spinning Nines’ pattern.  I would love to add to this mix if anyone is willing to donate any prizes – if I get enough I would love to do a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the next four weeks.  I would also love to ‘bulk’ up the ‘GRAND PRIZE’ for this season…

If you are interested in donating ANYTHING for either of these things please email me at:  lapaceksorchard (at) gmail (dot) com or comment on this post and I can get a hold of you!

Thanks for your support!


  1. Cool! When should we upload a photo of our project? Anytime or on the 10th? Thanks

  2. Upload it to the flickr group anytime before Sunday, February 10th at Noon :)

  3. [...] going to change things up a little this week. Since I decided that I’m going to add the fun of a Public Vote back into the mix for Project QUILTING I’m going to announce the Random Prize winners tonight for [...]


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