Project QUILTING, My Favorite Color, A Closer Look, Part 5

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all stayed warm on this chilly day (well…at least it was cold here in Wisconsin!)  I had a busy day with the girls but now it’s time to do some blog posting, prepping and to pack up for my big show tomorrow!

Let’s take another look at 9 more incredible quilts from the My Favorite Color Project QUILTING Challenge.

9 quilts created for the Project QUILTING My Favorite Color Challenge
1. XOXO close-up, 2. Project Quilting: challenge 2 "Chevy green", 3. Red Love Quilt - Sally's Angelworks, 4. blåvitväskaframsida, 5. Pink Rainbow By Kerrie, 6. Favorite Color - red, 7. Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2- The beach, baby!, 8. PQ - 2 Pink Spinning Stars, 9. Quilted Gum Wrapper Chains with Plates Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilter: Sharon Huismith

XOXO in Blue & White

XOXO in Blue & White

Project Quilting 4.2, This quilt measures 20" x 15". I machine stitched inside the circles and hand stitched the X's with variegated blue thread. I added drapery weights as "buttons". New techniques include using starch and hand quilting. I may still convert this to a pillow by adding a zippered case to it, which would also be a new technique. I had a lot of fun with this one. Made in Michigan.


Quilter: Lucky Duck Dreams

Project Quilting:  challenge 2 "Chevy green"

"Chevy green"

My favorite color is a green/blue green.. Secondary is gray. I needed a little mug rug for my desk at work so I made one.


Quilter: Sally’s Angelworks

Red Love Quilt - Sally's Angelworks

Red Love Quilt - Sally's Angelworks

First of all, I love red!!! a LOT!!

Second, I was thinking traditional inspiration from the first moment I heard the challenge.  I wanted to do an appliqué block with some embroidery on there and then I wanted to surround that block with a bunch of blocks in a traditional pattern. So, I grabbed this book (Inspired by Tradition) by Kay Mackenzie (a sweet friend I met at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City in 2011) and picked a traditional appliqué block, Indiana Rose. Love it!!

I added strips to the top and bottom and wrote a bible verse on it...Ps 100.

"The Lord is Good, and His love endures forever!"

Then I looked through vintage quilting magazines for a block pattern that struck my fancy. I found this one. It's called "Hole in the Barn Door". I love this wonderful block...and I love the randomness of the fabric choices. This is one of my "things" right now...To take a bunch of fabrics that go together and randomly put them back together!! :)
So once I had the top together, I added borders!
So, the next step...the quilting. I wanted to do something a little traditional and different from what I normally do.

To start, I did stippling in the middle appliqué block so that the appliqué would puff out.
The rest of the quilt (minus the borders) was perfect for straight line quilting. Then the borders...the borders were perfect for using a template to quilt them! I used a "ribbon" template, some chalk, and my even feed foot. Binding hand sewn in, and Voila! You have a quilt!!

This was made in Texas and measures approx. 42" square. yay!!!


Quilter: rutigt



What a challenge!!! I´m used to sew with a lot of colours, especially those who doesn’t go so well together. Which one is my favorite colour, I don’t know. Had to choose blue, cause its my first favorite colour!
Gun, Sweden


Quilter:  PrettyLadyBaby 

Pink Rainbow by Kerrie

Pink Rainbow by Kerrie

This is a picture of a pink rainbow! In this rainbow are unicorns, butterflies, bikes, fields of pink flowers and dreams.... all in various colors of pink. I worked on this quilt everyday this week and it was totally worth it!. It has exactly 144 half square triangles arranged in a chevron/zig zag pattern. The quilt is backed in pink bikes. The bikes has orange details, very pretty! I followed the chevron pattern with the quilting. I really like how the quilting turned out. I also attached the binding with a wavy stitch that is on my sewing machine. I wanted it to look like a scribble. I like it! I created this quilt in Atlanta, GA. The size of this quilt is 60 inches X 60 inches. You can find more information about this quilt at


Quilter: Freemotion by the River

Mug rug for project 2

Crazy Reds

Project 2 was to make something from your favorite color - red is mine

I forgot to mention that this mug rug is 7 x 9 inches and I'll call it Crazy Reds.


Quilter: KateCC

Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2- The beach, baby!

Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 2- The beach, baby!

Blogged about it here:

I was not sure what to do for this challenge! I have many favorite colors. I finally decided on Saturday to go with the colors of my favorite place- the beach. I tried to capture the waves, whitecaps and the sky. I machine quilted with a variegated blue thread and tried to do something different- well, different for me! I am only a straight line machine quilter so this was a challenge!


Quilter: sweetboaterchick 

PQ - 2 Pink Spinning StarsPink Spinning Stars

When I saw the newest challenge from Project Quilting I knew that it would be pink. Ask anyone, pink is my color :). I was so excited that I pulled a great stack of fat quarters that I was given for Christmas by one of my best friends. I decided to use the spinning stars pattern fom Fresh Lemon Quilts. I added a few scraps to change up the triangles the littlest bit. It is straight line quilted, tracing the straight lines in the middle, then just around the triangles. I didn't start my paper piecing until Wednesday and worked until Saturday/Sunday at 12:30 am when I finished the binding.
It measures 31.5" x 31.5"
I created Pink Spinning Stars in my home in Lanoka Harbor, NJ :)


Quilter: Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

Quilted Gum Wrapper Chains - full view

Quilted Gum Wrapper Chains - full view

Season 4 - Challenge 2 ---- My Favorite Color

Marcia Wachuta
Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting
Boscobel, Wisconsin

Do you remember the Gum Wrapper Chains?

I chose my favorite color - blue. I created a pattern across my quilt that looks like the gum wrapper chains that I made when I was a little girl. Combining my favorite color with a very pleasing memory from my childhood, when things were simple, really makes for a very special quilt. A quilt that brings back good memories.

It looks great on my dinning room table with my blue dishes. It will start a conversation with friends and family about the good old days! I like to run my hand over the quilt and feel the texture of the gum wrapper chains traversing across the quilted table cloth.

Thanks Kim for another fun challenge!

I will be posting on my blog about it later today --- If we don't loose power with this freezing rain and snow.


I have one more ‘Closer Look’ to post…next challenge is posted in less than 48 hours!

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